It’s a “I don’t wanna” day


It’s another ugly day today, warm, chilly, damp and dank – just like yesterday. There is no way to regulate the environment – sweaty and chilly at the same time – ah, humidity. I have a love/hate relationship with this area. I’d rather be living in Old Town but then again, I resent the cost of living in OT – paying taxes on my taxes just offends me. But it so convenient living in OT, always something to do and easy to get around.  Where we live now, we are just one stinking mile away from convenience. One stinking mile! If I only had $700,000 to buy a condo. Yup, that’s what prices are like around here – not for my condo, you understand, with a bit of luck I might be able to sell mine for $300,000 – that’s what being one stinking mile away from the action gets you.

We made reservations yesterday for the July visit from the baby princesses and their parents – Da Mama said she wanted to take the kids to the National Zoo and this morning there was an article in the Washington Post about Zoo officials wanting to close the Zoo because of a lack of police. The National Zoo is in Washington, DC aka the murder capital of the US, in a very sketchy neighborhood. So I have 2 months to worry about that. What does one do with 2 toddlers in an apartment, ’cause you know it will probably rain the 4 days they here – that’s how my luck runs.

I was up at the crack of dawn to get the laundry done, and now I’m just moping around, bored, not wanting to do any of things I should be doing or could be doing. Almost 10am and I’m still in my jammies, which actually is not unusual. If we have no errands in the morning then I don’t shower and dress until 11 or so. Getting up at 6am just makes for one g-d long day *sigh*

On the upside – I always, or usually have, an upside – Yay me – For lunch today I will be making a big salad with ‘grilled’ chicken and then in the afternoon there will be fresh strawberries that are so sweet the scent just wafts out of the fridge everytime I open it, covered in fresh whipped cream. I’m not a whipped cream fan except on strawberries. I will be whipping the cream myself – none of that canned stuff, or heaven forfend, that stuff in a plastic container, I can’t even bring myself to use it’s name. Fresh whipped cream is just so easy to do, why oh why do people use that other crap in a can/container?

I’m sure as the day goes by I will have more to whine about because it has been that sort of day…then again there might be more upsides – wanna bet which way the day will go?