It hasn’t been the best of weeks

and it could have been worse because – it can always be worse. I could say that I’m at the end  of my rope and choking but since I have been here/there for so long I’ve kinda gotten used to having a sore throat.

Moving on –

I want to send a particular book to several of my friends. That’s easy enough to do BUT – I remember with great fondness when a book was gifted and there was a little something written on the inside cover or flyleaf. It made the book special, didn’t it? Yes, it did.

Now, I could have the books sent to me, I could inscribe the books, package up each one and take them to the post office to mail out. Yes, there would be a little added expense – cost of packaging material, cost of postage, cost of Uber back and forth from the post office – and my friends are worth it. I can afford it and yet, I won’t be doing it.  I have gotten to the point where I simply don’t trust the post office to deliver anything in any kind of reasonable time in any kind of reasonable condition. Of course Amazon is no better these days. But also – the closest post office to me has been ‘reported’ for NOT delivering mail, not processing mail, and there has been more than a few reports of theft at the post office. Oh joy, what a wonderful world we live in.

BTW – here’s what a personally inscribed book looks like – I’ve never been this creative with inscriptions, I tend to NOT be sentimental. The book is “The Little Prince”, the year was 1967.


Total Rant

I’ve had it with technology. I’ve had it with Google, with Apple and with FB/Instagram. I’ve had it with how these companies have monopolized technology and everything G-D thing is connected to every other G-D thing.

Apple is becoming as bad as Microsoft with all the OS updates – and then nothing works right.

And then of course there is my luddite husband – he downloaded the new iPad OS and somehow – he doesn’t know how – he connected his credit card to Apple Pay. WTH?  It was never connected before. Did he, with his trembling hands, poke the wrong thing? Who knows. But his credit card company sent him an email notifying him of this and asking if he did it. No he didn’t do it – as least as far as we know.  We had to call the credit card company to get his card taken off of Apple Pay – simply turning the option off via his iPad didn’t do it.  (Why does Apple have his credit card info? Because he/we bought his Apple devices from Apple and paid for them with that credit card.)

Also – his Overdrive account, and his public library connection were disabled and I had to download Overdrive again, I couldn’t get him signed into his library account via the library web site, had to sign him up for a new Overdrive account – and – and- and….

My blood pressure is through the roof with all this bush-wah.

I’ve been playing with computers since the late 1960’s – what is that – 50 years? And yes, the old days were simpler, easier – I swear they were. (Okay, dial-up was a pain in the patootie and super slow, and you know my motto is “Instant gratification is not fast enough” but hells bells, people.)

Am I crazy but didn’t Instagram have a bunch of filters that you use on selfies? I’ve got pics of me with bunny ears and I swear I did that through IG – If anyone has any info about that please let me know

And this whole blogging thing – I wish I had never switched from Blogger to WP – for one thing, Blogger is free (aside from $18 a year for my own domain) – WP is pay, pay, pay for everything. I can’t even post a video directly to WP unless I drop a ton of money for a business account and just paying for a personal account frosts my butt.

If I want to post a personal video, I have to upload to my Vimeo account and then embed it – PITA. And no I won’t use Youtube because they tack on all those other videos onto mine plus advertising – whatever.  And yes, I’m going to say it – Back in the old days – that didn’t happen. Also, shhh, don’t tell anyone, you could download the music part of a music video as an mp3 – yeah, I know that’s stealing – my bad. Shoot me. At least with Blogger you can upload a personal video – easy peasy.

I’ve got to figure out how to unconnect things – I don’t need everything on every device I own, and quite frankly I own too damn many devices.

And since I am a total hermit, not particularly by choice, you understand, I don’t live and die with my phone. If it’s on my iPad I don’t need it on my phone and if it’s on my phone I don’t need it on my iPad – but I sure could use some of it on my laptop or desktop but – oh no, they aren’t IOS devices.

Also too – I ordered stamps from the post office website and it’s been over a week and I still haven’t got them.  I swear the Pony Express was faster.

Lets see – what else? Because I live just one mile from where I should be living, this month the Uber bill is going to be – huge. We will be single handedly keeping Uber in business this month.  Because my husband can’t walk more than 2 blocks or so before becoming exhausted, we have to Uber everywhere and thankfully they don’t mind a ride of half a mile.

I’ve got to run now – and figure out how to disconnect more things…

Ups and downs

Let’s starts with the ‘ups’ –

~ September 27th I ordered a gift from Etsy for a friend, just a ‘giggle’ present. On October 6th I received the USPS tracking number and signed up for email updates. Since then – crickets. No updates, status still ‘not yet received by USPS’. So this morning I sent a note to the seller asking at what point is this package declared ‘lost in transit’. The seller got back to me minutes later to apologise. They had a large influx of orders, items are handmade, they work alone and indeed my friend’s package has still not been taken to the post office.  The seller said they would mail it out tomorrow and put a little something extra in the package to make up for the delay.

So Jennifer, if you are reading this – it will be another week until your giftie gets to you and there will be a surprise in it – I have no idea what that will be but I hope it’s fun.

~ Amazon has gotten too big for its britches and is pissing me off but on the other hand their customer service is spot on. I ordered some Hanes t-shirts, plain ole cotton ones and I received Hanes Nano t-shirts. Nano t-shirts are some kind of stretchy material and they are cut quite small. NOT what I ordered. But when I checked my order somehow it had magically changed to Nano t-shirts. WTH? Plus – they weren’t real Hanes but some kind of knock off.

I tried to do a return and refund but the web site would only let me exchange them for the same item in a different size Double and triple WTH. So I put in a request for a telephone call and seconds later Amazon Customer Service calls me, we straighten out the situation, they send me a pick-up notice and boom! I hustle the returns package down to the front desk to be picked by UPS.

So a ‘down’ became an ‘up’ – that was easy.

As for ‘downs’

~ You know that nice new mattress I said I bought last week? Well I won’t get to enjoy it.  My husband’s health has taken a turn for the worse and his breathing is labored and noisy – they can hear it in Cleveland noisy. Hell, they can hear it on Mars noisy.  If I want to get any rest I’m going to have to sleep in the bed in my office. I can still hear him but I can also close the door – which I won’t do because if he calls out for help in the night I need to hear that.

So that’s a down on a whole lot of different levels.

~ We have been warned, by both of the grocery chains we shop at, that there are grocery supply issues so for the next few weeks there will be empty shelves and reduced availability of many products.  There was a segment on the local news the other night on the subject and they advised folks to start doing their Thanksgiving shopping early. So now, along with skyrocketing food prices there is a food shortage. Or rather a food delivery slow down. Or however you want to describe it. No further explanation was given – no food? no deliveries? – no one said.

I’m not terribly worried about it. We don’t require much and there is always peanut butter and jelly.

Saturday blah blah blah

It is the most glorious day out there. Temperatures been holding steady at 74 for hours now (it’s now 2pm) with the humidity in the low 50’s. There is a brisk breeze and the sun is shining to beat the band. Conversation with my husband this morning:
               Me: Gorgeous day to be outside
               Husband: So go outside.
               Me: There’s nowhere to go outside.
               Husband: That’s true.
               Me: There’s nowhere to go anywhere here. Nowhere to go and no way to get there.
               Husband: That’s also true.
               Me: It sucks living here.
               Husband: —

Tomorrow will also be a lovely day then Monday starts 4 days of ugly, as in, heat and humidity. Thursday was kinda nice, except for a honking big thunder storm in the afternoon and then a small tornado Thursday night. We lost power for about 4 hours and I didn’t get to sleep until Friday night – so that was 36+ hours with no sleeping.

It seems I can talk about food without having any real interest in it – as in – eating it. My husband passed a comment the other day that we hadn’t had an omelet in a long time. I said “That’s because I don’t want one.” So today I made him an omelet. It was picture perfect, as always. I make picture perfect omelets. I ate it. I suppose it tasted good, don’t care, didn’t want it. Actually I didn’t want any food at all but I know I have to put something in my stomach on a regular basis or I’ll wind up in the hospital again. This whole eating thing is stupid. Which won’t stop me from periodically writing about food, ya know, in that nostalgic way I have.

Later this afternoon I will be cleaning the shower on my hands and knees with a grout brush. I hate grout! I need to live in a grout free environment. I’m too old to be doing this cleaning with a toothbrush crap.

OTOH – Thursday I cleaned out my dresser, threw out a garbage bag full of stuff – socks, old t-shirts and other miscellaneous nonsense I had been saving. I had bought organizer trays and now all my socks and scarves and gloves and earmuffs are all neatly rolled and contained. Opening my dresser drawers give me a warm feeling of happiness and contentment (Marie Kondo ain’t got nothing on me.)

Speaking of Marie Kondo, at the height of the Kondoization of the world I wrote this little ditty:

Curmudgeons & Grouches

Cuddle your cut-offs
Snuggle your slippers
If they don’t bring joy
It’s time to ditch ‘em.

Bypass the donuts
Say no to all bread
Glutens verboten
Inhale kale instead.

Look on the bright side
Exist in the now
Always be grateful,
They’ll all tell you how.


Where are the grouches
Where the curmudgeons
People like me who
Live in high dudgeon.

We like our messes,
Our stomachs are fine.
So shove your good cheer
Where the sun doesn’t shine.

© Grace St. Clair 2019

Enjoy your weekend…

It’s a “I don’t wanna” day


It’s another ugly day today, warm, chilly, damp and dank – just like yesterday. There is no way to regulate the environment – sweaty and chilly at the same time – ah, humidity. I have a love/hate relationship with this area. I’d rather be living in Old Town but then again, I resent the cost of living in OT – paying taxes on my taxes just offends me. But it so convenient living in OT, always something to do and easy to get around.  Where we live now, we are just one stinking mile away from convenience. One stinking mile! If I only had $700,000 to buy a condo. Yup, that’s what prices are like around here – not for my condo, you understand, with a bit of luck I might be able to sell mine for $300,000 – that’s what being one stinking mile away from the action gets you.

We made reservations yesterday for the July visit from the baby princesses and their parents – Da Mama said she wanted to take the kids to the National Zoo and this morning there was an article in the Washington Post about Zoo officials wanting to close the Zoo because of a lack of police. The National Zoo is in Washington, DC aka the murder capital of the US, in a very sketchy neighborhood. So I have 2 months to worry about that. What does one do with 2 toddlers in an apartment, ’cause you know it will probably rain the 4 days they here – that’s how my luck runs.

I was up at the crack of dawn to get the laundry done, and now I’m just moping around, bored, not wanting to do any of things I should be doing or could be doing. Almost 10am and I’m still in my jammies, which actually is not unusual. If we have no errands in the morning then I don’t shower and dress until 11 or so. Getting up at 6am just makes for one g-d long day *sigh*

On the upside – I always, or usually have, an upside – Yay me – For lunch today I will be making a big salad with ‘grilled’ chicken and then in the afternoon there will be fresh strawberries that are so sweet the scent just wafts out of the fridge everytime I open it, covered in fresh whipped cream. I’m not a whipped cream fan except on strawberries. I will be whipping the cream myself – none of that canned stuff, or heaven forfend, that stuff in a plastic container, I can’t even bring myself to use it’s name. Fresh whipped cream is just so easy to do, why oh why do people use that other crap in a can/container?

I’m sure as the day goes by I will have more to whine about because it has been that sort of day…then again there might be more upsides – wanna bet which way the day will go?