All righty-dighty then

So tell me, what’s new and exciting?

(sound of crickets)

Nothing, huh? Me neither.

So – some semi-bitter snark. Some of you may, or may not, remember me mentioning my niece – daughter of my elder male sibling (who I have had no contact with for, easily, 45 years now.)  Not going to go into the whole backstory but through the years she has said she wanted to establish regular contact and then backed off. Ok. I understand. Last year she contacted me via to let me know my mother died. She again voiced an interest in establishing contact – then backed off. Ok. I don’t understand. The woman is 46 years old – shit or get off the pot.

At any rate she writes on Medium and I read her stuff there, I don’t comment and I don’t ‘follow’ her. She fancies herself a writer and recently posted that she is pursuing a new career as a freelance writer/copy editor/editor.  I sure hope she doesn’t use any of her Medium articles as writing samples because they are rife with typos and grammatical errors. Glaring ones. Nope, not a good look for a prospective copy editor/editor.

*Snark over* *Feelings still hurt* *Sigh*

I mentioned in a comment to Melissa that when I was a little kid I wanted to be a duchess, not a princess or a queen but a duchess. She replied “Yes, I remember your duchess post” I swear that woman knows more of what I’ve written in the last 20 years than I do. I don’t remember writing about that.

Speaking of which – I posted a poem last year by Jeannette Encinias, “Beneath the Sweater and the Skin” . That poem just blew me away and I subscribed to her newsletter. Today in my email I received her latest newsletter with another fabulous poem – I’m going to share it here with you –

Don’t Abandon Yourself
by Jeannette Encinias

Not when you’re sick.
Not when you’re tired.
Not when you’ve lost
the thread
the thought
or the thing you thought
defined you.

You will die many times
in one life
and create yourself

This is natural.
This is a gift.
I’ve died a few times now
here in this world.
The person I was—

Throw that older skin into the water.
Give it to the sky.
Step into what wants to emerge now.
Nothing can hold you back
when you are willing
to be yourself.

~ ~ ~
Click on her name and it will bring you to her poetry page if you would like to read more.