Total Rant

I’ve had it with technology. I’ve had it with Google, with Apple and with FB/Instagram. I’ve had it with how these companies have monopolized technology and everything G-D thing is connected to every other G-D thing.

Apple is becoming as bad as Microsoft with all the OS updates – and then nothing works right.

And then of course there is my luddite husband – he downloaded the new iPad OS and somehow – he doesn’t know how – he connected his credit card to Apple Pay. WTH?  It was never connected before. Did he, with his trembling hands, poke the wrong thing? Who knows. But his credit card company sent him an email notifying him of this and asking if he did it. No he didn’t do it – as least as far as we know.  We had to call the credit card company to get his card taken off of Apple Pay – simply turning the option off via his iPad didn’t do it.  (Why does Apple have his credit card info? Because he/we bought his Apple devices from Apple and paid for them with that credit card.)

Also – his Overdrive account, and his public library connection were disabled and I had to download Overdrive again, I couldn’t get him signed into his library account via the library web site, had to sign him up for a new Overdrive account – and – and- and….

My blood pressure is through the roof with all this bush-wah.

I’ve been playing with computers since the late 1960’s – what is that – 50 years? And yes, the old days were simpler, easier – I swear they were. (Okay, dial-up was a pain in the patootie and super slow, and you know my motto is “Instant gratification is not fast enough” but hells bells, people.)

Am I crazy but didn’t Instagram have a bunch of filters that you use on selfies? I’ve got pics of me with bunny ears and I swear I did that through IG – If anyone has any info about that please let me know

And this whole blogging thing – I wish I had never switched from Blogger to WP – for one thing, Blogger is free (aside from $18 a year for my own domain) – WP is pay, pay, pay for everything. I can’t even post a video directly to WP unless I drop a ton of money for a business account and just paying for a personal account frosts my butt.

If I want to post a personal video, I have to upload to my Vimeo account and then embed it – PITA. And no I won’t use Youtube because they tack on all those other videos onto mine plus advertising – whatever.  And yes, I’m going to say it – Back in the old days – that didn’t happen. Also, shhh, don’t tell anyone, you could download the music part of a music video as an mp3 – yeah, I know that’s stealing – my bad. Shoot me. At least with Blogger you can upload a personal video – easy peasy.

I’ve got to figure out how to unconnect things – I don’t need everything on every device I own, and quite frankly I own too damn many devices.

And since I am a total hermit, not particularly by choice, you understand, I don’t live and die with my phone. If it’s on my iPad I don’t need it on my phone and if it’s on my phone I don’t need it on my iPad – but I sure could use some of it on my laptop or desktop but – oh no, they aren’t IOS devices.

Also too – I ordered stamps from the post office website and it’s been over a week and I still haven’t got them.  I swear the Pony Express was faster.

Lets see – what else? Because I live just one mile from where I should be living, this month the Uber bill is going to be – huge. We will be single handedly keeping Uber in business this month.  Because my husband can’t walk more than 2 blocks or so before becoming exhausted, we have to Uber everywhere and thankfully they don’t mind a ride of half a mile.

I’ve got to run now – and figure out how to disconnect more things…