It’s been kinda a fun day

Last night my husband, voluntarily, opened the windows and I awoke this morning to a crisp cool breeze. I had slept like the dead. Sunshine all day but a breeze, at 4pm it’s only 82º with 31% humidity. So fabulous. Tomorrow the weather will suck but today, ah, TODAY!

I don’t talk in the morning – no talky! Today was an exception:

Me: Who the hell is jack-hammering and making that godawful racket at 7 in the morning?
Husband: That isn’t a jackhammer, it’s a truck.
Me: Okaaay ….Why the hell is a TRUCK making that godawful racket at 7 in the morning?
(Husband buries his nose in the newspaper)

Had a decent experience in the supermarket this morning, despite the deli person slicing $14.99 per pound roast beef into paper thin slices, wadding it up in a ball and shoving it in a plastic bag. Hey, a little respect for the food, we aren’t getting this food for free. And no one asked for shredded roast beef.

But other than that – no salad bar available this week; very little fresh meat, frozen vegetables pretty much non-existent. We all know why – Thursday is ‘Senior Citizen Discount Day’ so they don’t bother re-stocking the shelves, especially with the weekly sale items, because all those old people might buy more stuff and then get a bigger discount.

We bought lots of extra stuff this week because the Baby Princesses and their parents are coming on Sunday – so lots of extra mouths to feed. Fun tho, so much fun. Just to see them in the flesh! So excited!

I got my new keyboard today too. I’ve had this model before but I had to ditch it because, somehow, it got infested with ants! I live on the third floor of an apartment building, I do not have a balcony, I do not eat at my desk. ANTS – crawling all over my desk and in and out of my keyboard; same for my husband’s desk and keyboard (his desk being in a different room than mine). WTH?

So we ditched the keyboards and I bought keyboards with extra large keys – my husband loved his, I hated  mine. So after many months of cursing the keyboard I treated myself to another Matias Mechanical Keyboard. Ahhh –

For one thing it makes that lovely clicky-clicky noise. I love that noise. I can elevate it so it’s at an angle which I prefer and best of all, the very best of all, accessible from the keyboard itself are all those special symbols, accent marks and doodads – no trying to remember codes, shortcuts, or whathaveyou –  This is a MAC keyboard, specifically, they also make PC specific keyboards, and they also make QUIET keyboards, I just happen to like the clicky-clicky.  The company, Matias, appears to make ONLY keyboards – bit of a niche market, but oh my goodness so many to choose from! Then again most of you use your phones for everything and have no need. Us die hard desktop, big screen loving users, we like our keyboards.

Perhaps part of this post sounds a tad grumpy, but you know, just relating how the day went, despite a few irksome things, still a fun sort of day. I’m all happy and upbeat…it’s the weather, I know. Windows Open! Windows Open!

It’s Just Sunday

I was out of bed earlier than I needed to be, I think the cool breeze whipping the curtains around woke me. Yes, last night, while rather moist, was relatively cool, the low 80’s, and I opened the windows before I went to bed. Open windows means I can breathe.

It’s just past 8am and I can hear  one of the maintenance staff watering the greenery and washing down the sidewalks around the building. (One of the plusses to this building, there is 7 day maintenance staff on duty.) Yesterday there was thunder throughout the day, it was that humid, major storms all around us but not exactly here.

Melissa aka Zero Space has been commenting on my previous post that she is now reading my old Blogger blog as an aid in managing her ED. First my writing about food helped her with that (she says) and now reading and eating. That made me happy for some reason. I’m helping her, in a small way, without actively trying (tho I would if I could, she’s an interesting lady and I like her).  Me, just being me, doing what I do – someone finds helpful. Doesn’t get much better than that.

One week from today I will get to meet the Baby Princesses for the first time! I’m so excited, and anxious. A two year old and a four year old – quite possibly stuck in an apartment or a hotel suite for too much time. I’ve bought coloring books, crayons, paper to draw on and some lego-like blocks. Their parent’s want to go to the National Zoo. Personally I would never step a foot into D.C. – it’s just too dangerous.  The zoo is free but it costs $30 to park – oho! And you need to get tickets ahead of time. I sent Da Mama a link to the web site so she can decide what she wants to do about that. They are driving down from Vermont, stopping somewhere in New Jersey for a few days to do the beach thing and then down here to Virginia.

Because today is Sunday it is major cleaning day, which just means, in addition to my regular cleaning, my husband vacuums. And I run a duster over the furniture, wipe down the window sills, change the bed sheets, wash the kitchen and bathroom floors. It also means, PIZZA DAY. It’s not like we couldn’t have pizza any other day of the week, or even every day if we wanted, it’s just become SOP. Like Sunday being major cleaning day (as if every day isn’t a cleaning day for me. Yesterday I was doing the on-my-hands-and-knees shower scrubbing – it has now become a standard Saturday chore.)

I wish I had a balcony or patio – it is such a gorgeous morning. The next place I live will have to have “outdoor” space. No compromises. And wouldn’t it be lovely to live in a place that isn’t hot and humid, as if that place even exists any more. At least we have mild Winters, most of the time, periodic snowmageddons, are no more fun than extreme heat and humidity for months at a time.

Look at this – me writing a post early in the day. Most of the time I don’t get a chance to really settle into internet/computer stuff until the middle of the afternoon. But I’m typing on the laptop, which I don’t like – the ‘t’ is wonky – I hit it once and two show up on my screen – what is that about?

Enjoy your day and I hope you dance…

Busy, busy, busy

What an extraordinarily gorgeous day. Mother Nature’s little gift before, and after, her little weather jokes. This past week was super hot and humid, then 2 days of thunderstorms, the tail end of a hurricane, and starting tomorrow more super hot and humid, with triple digit ‘feels like’ weather for the whole week.  Ah, well, I’ll take this gift of a day and say Thank You.

It’s no wonder I never have time to watch ‘tv’ – right now I am juggling 4 books.

~ Season 2 (why they are calling them ‘seasons’ I have no idea) of Dean Koontz’ ‘Nameless’ series.. These are long short stories, or perhaps novellas, no more than 100 pages, some less. I just started the third book in Season 2. Free from Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. I like Dean Koontz for the most part and these keep me in engaged.

~ “The First Ladies of Fear (1830-1870)” by Nicole Jones-Dion. A compilation of horror stories from our old friends Mary Shelley, Charlotte Bronte Elizabeth Gaskell et al. This was a free download from prolificworks. com.  It’s a genre which has long interested me and I have several volumes of collections of such stories, including Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Blood and thunder’ stories.

~  “The Celts, A very short Introduction” by Barry Cunliffe. This is from a series of books by the Oxford University Press called Very Short Introductions. I got this from my local library, stumbled over it quite by accident scrolling the ‘recently added’ list. Turns out there are over 200 such books in the series covering such a wide range of subjects that I fear I may get lost going through them. The book is approximately 250 pages, so a quick read.

It’s not that I don’t already have books on the subject in my personal collection but hey, I’m always super interested in reading more. All things Celtic have a passion of mine since I was about 6 years old when I fell in love with Scotland. When I was in high school I tried to teach myself Gaelic.

~ “The Nightwatch” by Sarah Waters. I started to watch the movie on one of the streaming services and it is very darkly shot. I was squinting at my computer screen and it just became so annoying that I looked up the book. I had to put a hold on it at my local library and after 2 weeks I got a notice today that it was now available. I downloaded it, glanced at the first few pages and now I want to get to that book quickly.

I’ll read the library books first since they are time limited, and then back to my free downloads. Or I’ll dip in and out of all 4 books as my interest waxes and wanes. These aren’t the only books I have on my TBR list of course.

🛁 Since this is Saturday, I will be scrubbing the shower with my scrubber-on-a-stick and my handy dandy grout brush. I also have to take the seat off the hall bathroom commode and tighten it  because it is getting wobbly again. And if you think that will be an easy task, you are sadly mistaken. I have a skirted trapway commode and a soft-close toilet seat – do not ask about the complications of dealing with this.

So – a busy afternoon, I’d better get on with it. What’s first? Reading? Cleaning? Going down a research rabbit hole?  Can you guess?