I woke up tired this morning

because I was up and down all night with horrible leg cramps. I never get leg cramps during the day just at night. I asked the snotty bitch PA I used to go to what I could do about it and she said “Well you say it’s been going on a long time so just live with it” Bitch. God I hated that girl SO much. I eventually switched to a real doctor in the same practice, also a female, also, it turned out, another snotty bitch.  Sexism, ageism – it’s a real thing in the medical world.

Even tired I was in a fairly decent mood, humming Mellow Yellow, but then clicked over to Facebook and my feed was an ad every other post. OK, I’m not active on FB, I have 12 friends and I follow a cat blog or two – I mean that’s it. But the ads were really offensive to me, and most of them were also totally irrelevant – I mean totally – I started reporting the ads and hiding them but more and more just kept popping up, it really pissed me off.

Instagram is owned by FB and if you use it with your phone you get all the same gross ads as on FB. But I usually look at IG on my computer or iPad – no ads, no suggestions. Just cute cat photos and videos.

So I made lunch, read for a while, played this totally stupid game and there went the afternoon. Got back on the computer, read a blog or two (Melissa WP won’t let me comment…just tellin’ ya…) then went over to FB to see what crap my “friends” have posted and god damn it all to hell – more and more disgusting annoying ads – it just made me so angry.

So I deactivated my Facebook account. I don’t expect anyone will miss me – I occasionally put a link to the blog there and that’s it – I only have the stupid thing to keep in touch with Miss Lisa and her family.

It just annoyed the fucking shit out of me and now I am in a foul mood, plus I’m hungry but I don’t really want to eat because – meh – food, eating, PITA.

It’s 6:20 pm right this very minute, I still have to fluff the bed, then maybe watch a House Hunter’s International and then…I don’t know have a cup a tea and keep my husband company while he watches stupid tv shows…

This is my life – it sucks. Ain’t nobody’s fault but my own…

If I had a backyard I would go out there and eat worms…