My pinball brain in action

This morning I read THIS POST on Zerospace about Grace Slick. I commented that no one ever called Grace Slick ‘Gracie’. And that got my pinball brain going.

It reminded me of the comedy routine You doesn’t havata call me Johnson – 

Which led me to try to remember the name of the guy with him in the skit. Because I remembered him and a hilarious skit he was in. More Googling and I found a website discussing the Johnson skit and that it had been performed on the David Steinberg show. AHA! David Steinberg – that’s the guy.

So I Googled David Steinberg and found a video of the skit I remembered as being hilarious (and it still is BTW) – The Crazy Psychiatrist

My brother and I thought this was the funniest thing ever.  Without consulting each other, or pre-planning, and apropos of nothing at all, one of us would jump up and yell “Get off!” and do the pulling something off our shoulder action. Then the other one would jump up, pick up the chair and yell “Coming through!” and then we would both go “Booga, Booga”.  Then we would sit down and continue whatever conversation was going on. The other people with us would be all “What the hell was that?” and we would be all “What was what?” Yeah, my brother and I – not wrapped too tight.

And that is how my pinball brain works…