Miscellaneous Mishegoss

~ I’m sitting waiting for the new mattress to be delivered. I’m stop #9, they are currently at stop #7. The mattress we are replacing is only 4 years old but it has gotten ‘mushy’ and the edge support has become non-existent. It was pricey but not eye-poppingly so, this new one? Hoo-boy! But – Same price, or even more, at every place I checked. Plus we actually went into a brick and mortar store to test out mattresses – no more buying on-line, some things you just have to choose in person.

~ Even a mask does not muffle my New York accent – I spent the first 44 years of my life in NYC and the last 31 years NOT in NYC yet the accent persists. Which goes back to a post I wrote some years ago about getting older and reverting to your essential self. My essential self is a little Italian girl from the Bronx.

~ The salesperson tagged the NYC accent and then volunteered that she was South Korean but was educated in the USA – that said, neither my husband nor I could understand half of what she said. (And she was NOT wearing a mask.)

~ I am always amused about how much people don’t know about NYC, including the people who live there and I don’t mean the folks who arrive as adults, I’m talking about folks who are NY’ers born and bred.

I had an argument with a guy I was dating (way back when) about the location of Brooklyn and Queens. We had been out on the Island, either Nassau or Suffolk county, I don’t remember which, and somehow the conversation turned to where exactly we had been and where we were returning. I told the guy – Brooklyn and Queens are on Long Island – he said “No way”.  He was adamant and quite frankly insulting in his insistence. I opened the glove box and he had a map of the tri-state area (this was back in the 80’s when paper maps were still a thing). I told him to pull the car over, which he did, and I then proceeded to prove him wrong and me right.

Map of Long Island

That relationship didn’t last much longer.

People don’t seem to know that NYC is 5 boroughs. The sales person was going on about how NYC had 5 bridges and I’m ticking off the names of bridges until I realized she meant ‘boroughs’. I then tried to give her a quick rundown of how NYC is divided. I don’t know if she got it, and it’s not important if she did or didn’t, it just amused me.

~ My birthday is soon – 8 days from today. I will be 75. I suppose it is what some would deem a milestone birthday, for me it’s just a birthday, I think. I’m somewhat torn about it. I stopped celebrating birthdays a long time ago, I usually celebrated them alone, meaning I was the only one who cared.  I grant you that over the past some years friends have sent flowers and little gifties and that just blows me away. Just turns me into a puddle of tears – I am blessed and I know it.

I was going to go on a shopping spree for my birthday – go to a real shopping mall and shop in real stores but I’ve nixed that idea – it would be a lot of walking and my husband isn’t up to it.  So – no birthday yahoo for me.

As for the number of years – 75? Nah, I’m still only six.