Garlic and olive oil…

This is going to be difficult to write because on another tab I have Marty Robbins playing. When I listen to music, I LISTEN to music, it’s never background for me, so I’m sitting here singing along and jigging in my chair.

This afternoon I made fish filets and brussel sprouts for lunch. I mentioned to my husband that I could easily be a vegetarian, I do like my veggies. He said as long as he got meat sometimes that was okay with him. He said I should make two meals – one for him and one for me. I scoffed at that – me, who hates to cook even one meal, making two different meals. Meh.

We then went through a list of the veggies he does eat and the list is pretty extensive for a man who rarely ate vegetables before he met me. His brother says he will anything as long as it isn’t green! That’s my husband’s culinary background – meat, potatoes and occasionally spinach.

Before he meet me the only vegetable my husband ate was spinach, preferably in cream sauce. Now, oddly enough, spinach is one of the vegetables I don’t care for particularly. I like it well enough raw as a salad (then again I like almost anything as a salad.) but cooked, not so much. Now the man eats, and really likes, eggplant, zucchini, asparagus, brussel sprouts; the man actually likes broccoli rabe, so not one of my favorites. As I’m writing this I’m realizing he likes veggies that tend toward toward the bitter. Interesting.

On the other hand, I love broccoli any which you make it – preferably fried. Now when I say fried I do not mean deep fried, I don’t deep fry anything. “Fried” means cooked in a slick of olive oil in a frying pan. Of course broccoli is the ONE vegetable he really hates. Of course he never had broccoli with garlic and olive oil and that’s how I pretty much prepare all veggies – hot or cold. I have it in my head to make broccoli with bacon – hmm.

(I’ve switched to Don Williams now…who doesn’t love Don Williams…)

Enough with the food talk – Thursday is grocery shopping day and I will be buying eggplant and zucchini, plus Friday is salad with ‘grilled chicken’ day – I shall be a happy camper through the coming week. Plus, I checked, Brick’s Pizza is open on Sunday – last Sunday was just a one-off because of the holiday. Yes!

On last Saturday’s post, in the comments, I said that I pride myself on my folding abilities…

(Okay, I was away for a moment for a dance break…)

so Monday, after I had done the laundry, which included a set of king size sheets, I decided to take a picture of my nicely folded sheets – flat sheet, fitted shot, pillow cases –