Really, nothing going on

Three days after my milestone birthday I received a commendation from the House of Delegates of the Commonwealth of Virginia offering sincerest congratulation in recognition of my 75th birthday. Isn’t that cute? I may save it, it’s all fancy, fancy and comes courtesy of my local delegate, a Democrat. I’ve never heard of the guy but then I don’t follow local politics, just perusing the headlines makes me nauseous. What a bunch of losers. Voting in Virginia is pretty much like voting nationally – pick the lesser of two evils – they’re all crap.

I finally got around to have a DEXA (bone density scan) last week and lo and behold, my bone density is in the normal range for a 30-year old. I’m not sure why they use 30-year olds as the base measurement but hey, at least there is ONE thing normal about my body – scanning my body is akin to dumpster diving.

Got the new Elizabeth Strout book “Oh William” for a birthday present and I’m thinking I may re-read “My Name is Lucy Barton” before I start it. I’ve read “Lucy Barton” like 3 times but not in the last year. I suppose it is my favorite of all her books. You can’t go wrong with an Elizabeth Strout book except maybe “The Burgess Boys” – that one didn’t ring my bell.

We got whipping winds today and I have one of the windows in the living/dining room opened a crack and the glitter curtains are just dancin’ in the breeze – I caught my husband just staring at them with a slight smile on his face. These curtains just never get old. Everybody – go buy some glitter curtains, even if you put them on just one window, you will never lack for something to make you smile. (Regardless of your color scheme, I highly recommend the silver ones.)

Well, after 3 weeks I finally got a response from Mattress Warehouse about my refund – “they are processing it today” and if I hadn’t called – probably never. I don’t know if I’ll ever need another mattress but I sure as hell won’t go there again.

I miss opera. I can always listen to it, yes, but it is much more enjoyable to experience it in person. And besides, opera houses are always so opulent – going to the opera is just a total sensory experience. I was going to put an aria here but I know there are no opera fans reading this so I won’t torture you. I suppose opera is an acquired taste, then again, isn’t everything an acquired taste?



Ups and downs

Let’s starts with the ‘ups’ –

~ September 27th I ordered a gift from Etsy for a friend, just a ‘giggle’ present. On October 6th I received the USPS tracking number and signed up for email updates. Since then – crickets. No updates, status still ‘not yet received by USPS’. So this morning I sent a note to the seller asking at what point is this package declared ‘lost in transit’. The seller got back to me minutes later to apologise. They had a large influx of orders, items are handmade, they work alone and indeed my friend’s package has still not been taken to the post office.  The seller said they would mail it out tomorrow and put a little something extra in the package to make up for the delay.

So Jennifer, if you are reading this – it will be another week until your giftie gets to you and there will be a surprise in it – I have no idea what that will be but I hope it’s fun.

~ Amazon has gotten too big for its britches and is pissing me off but on the other hand their customer service is spot on. I ordered some Hanes t-shirts, plain ole cotton ones and I received Hanes Nano t-shirts. Nano t-shirts are some kind of stretchy material and they are cut quite small. NOT what I ordered. But when I checked my order somehow it had magically changed to Nano t-shirts. WTH? Plus – they weren’t real Hanes but some kind of knock off.

I tried to do a return and refund but the web site would only let me exchange them for the same item in a different size Double and triple WTH. So I put in a request for a telephone call and seconds later Amazon Customer Service calls me, we straighten out the situation, they send me a pick-up notice and boom! I hustle the returns package down to the front desk to be picked by UPS.

So a ‘down’ became an ‘up’ – that was easy.

As for ‘downs’

~ You know that nice new mattress I said I bought last week? Well I won’t get to enjoy it.  My husband’s health has taken a turn for the worse and his breathing is labored and noisy – they can hear it in Cleveland noisy. Hell, they can hear it on Mars noisy.  If I want to get any rest I’m going to have to sleep in the bed in my office. I can still hear him but I can also close the door – which I won’t do because if he calls out for help in the night I need to hear that.

So that’s a down on a whole lot of different levels.

~ We have been warned, by both of the grocery chains we shop at, that there are grocery supply issues so for the next few weeks there will be empty shelves and reduced availability of many products.  There was a segment on the local news the other night on the subject and they advised folks to start doing their Thanksgiving shopping early. So now, along with skyrocketing food prices there is a food shortage. Or rather a food delivery slow down. Or however you want to describe it. No further explanation was given – no food? no deliveries? – no one said.

I’m not terribly worried about it. We don’t require much and there is always peanut butter and jelly.

Miscellaneous Mishegoss

~ I’m sitting waiting for the new mattress to be delivered. I’m stop #9, they are currently at stop #7. The mattress we are replacing is only 4 years old but it has gotten ‘mushy’ and the edge support has become non-existent. It was pricey but not eye-poppingly so, this new one? Hoo-boy! But – Same price, or even more, at every place I checked. Plus we actually went into a brick and mortar store to test out mattresses – no more buying on-line, some things you just have to choose in person.

~ Even a mask does not muffle my New York accent – I spent the first 44 years of my life in NYC and the last 31 years NOT in NYC yet the accent persists. Which goes back to a post I wrote some years ago about getting older and reverting to your essential self. My essential self is a little Italian girl from the Bronx.

~ The salesperson tagged the NYC accent and then volunteered that she was South Korean but was educated in the USA – that said, neither my husband nor I could understand half of what she said. (And she was NOT wearing a mask.)

~ I am always amused about how much people don’t know about NYC, including the people who live there and I don’t mean the folks who arrive as adults, I’m talking about folks who are NY’ers born and bred.

I had an argument with a guy I was dating (way back when) about the location of Brooklyn and Queens. We had been out on the Island, either Nassau or Suffolk county, I don’t remember which, and somehow the conversation turned to where exactly we had been and where we were returning. I told the guy – Brooklyn and Queens are on Long Island – he said “No way”.  He was adamant and quite frankly insulting in his insistence. I opened the glove box and he had a map of the tri-state area (this was back in the 80’s when paper maps were still a thing). I told him to pull the car over, which he did, and I then proceeded to prove him wrong and me right.

Map of Long Island

That relationship didn’t last much longer.

People don’t seem to know that NYC is 5 boroughs. The sales person was going on about how NYC had 5 bridges and I’m ticking off the names of bridges until I realized she meant ‘boroughs’. I then tried to give her a quick rundown of how NYC is divided. I don’t know if she got it, and it’s not important if she did or didn’t, it just amused me.

~ My birthday is soon – 8 days from today. I will be 75. I suppose it is what some would deem a milestone birthday, for me it’s just a birthday, I think. I’m somewhat torn about it. I stopped celebrating birthdays a long time ago, I usually celebrated them alone, meaning I was the only one who cared.  I grant you that over the past some years friends have sent flowers and little gifties and that just blows me away. Just turns me into a puddle of tears – I am blessed and I know it.

I was going to go on a shopping spree for my birthday – go to a real shopping mall and shop in real stores but I’ve nixed that idea – it would be a lot of walking and my husband isn’t up to it.  So – no birthday yahoo for me.

As for the number of years – 75? Nah, I’m still only six.

Miscellaneous Mishegoss

~~ Boy am I in a grumpy mood, didn’t start out that way but Sunday is pizza day and we discovered that our pizza place is closed today! WTH? Because it’s the 4th of July? Isn’t this a day when there might be even more people ordering multiple pizzas for their ‘holiday’ parties? I mean, not everyone has a backyard or does that whole cooking outside on an open fire thing. Plus – the ‘day off from work’ aspect has been moved to Monday – so will they be closed tomorrow too?

BTW – those are all rhetorical questions. My husband answers rhetorical questions, usually with “I don’t know” . Drives me up the effin’ wall and then I get all snippy (his description). I do not know why the hell this makes me so ‘snippy’ but it does. I’ve asked him to please not answer rhetorical questions, especially with “I don’t  know”. Has he stopped doing that? Nooo. “Why do you do that” I ask him, non-rhetorically. His response? “I don’t know.”

~~ So – 4th of July. Some sort of federal holiday, something about independence? Declaration of independence? I don’t know…Nor do I care. I am not the least patriotic. The USA has nothing to say to me, I don’t identify with any of it, I’m not comfortable here, never have been. And just because I am Italian-American don’t think I have any attachment to Italy either. Of all the countries I would like to visit Italy is not even in my top ten. Actually I don’t think there are even ten countries I DO want to visit. But I am not thrilled about being here either.

~~ I love all things Oxo. Of course you can get most of the Oxo stuff on Amazon for less money. I don’t know how they manage that, I don’t care, it’s a few extra pennies in my pocket.

I love all things microfiber except sheets. Microfiber sheets are total crap. I do have microfiber undies and they are quite nice, but sheets? No.

Same with bamboo – a nice eco friendly ‘wood’. We had bamboo floors in the Philly house, lovely. I have all kinds of bamboo accessories – step stool, utensil organizer etc but bamboo fabric? Total crap.

~~ I’ve never been one for tags, or SEO (whatever the hell that is) or promoting my blogs, or blog stats and all that bloggy happy horse manure – but I haveta say I shall never use the tag ‘poetry’ again – all sorts of strange people come out of the woodwork, like a post, don’t comment and then, I hope, go quietly away. I feel invaded. I feel like strangers have been peeking in my windows.

I can live without likes and followers. And I only want comments from people who actually have something to add to the conversation. I want to hear from my friends, not strangers. How do strangers become friends? They comment on what I actually write instead of some generic bush-wah nonsense.

I’ve been commenting way less because, for some stupid reason, I still think people want to hear something besides “Nice post”. I’m wrong, you understand, and now so do I. Tho I admit, I did just comment “I enjoyed reading that.” I really did enjoy that particular post, I enjoy a lot of that person’s posts, but anything more than ‘I enjoyed this” is, I don’t know – out of line? Inappropriate? Falling into the ‘get your own blog’ category. Comments are funny things, aren’t they? A whole minefield to tiptoe through.

I could tag this most many ways – but I think I’ll use just one and I doubt anyone will be looking for it.