Miscelleanous Mishegoss

Today is Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.  We usually do our weekly grocery shopping on Thursday and while the grocery store will be open tomorrow we’ll be skipping that experience. We thought about going today but we really don’t need anything in particular  – so no grocery shopping this week. Feels odd.

Yesterday I had to go to the hospital to get a lung CT scan. I would usually use an Uber but due to a little phone glitch, totally my fault, and too long to go into and not all that interesting, I had to use Lyft. What fun that was. Really.

Car came much quicker than Uber usually does (even tho most people who do this are signed up at both Uber and Lyft) and the driver was friendly (most are). We had a lovely and lively chat on what was a 15 minute drive. As we were pulling up to the hospital entrance the driver said “I wish the ride was longer, I could talk to you all day. You’ve made my day” Well, now, I swear that brought tears to my eyes.  Anyone says anything nice to me and I get blubbery.

The ride home was also pleasant. Now here’s a thing. We always tip our drivers. I mean, how do you not? Minimum tip is $3.00, more for longer rides and more if the driver helps load and unload our groceries. After each ride yesterday I added the customary $3.00 tip. When I got home and checked email, along with my receipts, was an email from Lyft telling me I now had a “Top Tipper” badge.

We tip everyone who provides any kind of service for us. It is just what we do. We do have kinda set amounts for each service and it seems we are somewhat generous – at least that’s what we have been told.  I don’t know how people who can afford to pay for personal services don’t also tip the people providing it. Most of the time the providers of the service are not the highest paid people. No one is getting rich driving for Uber or Lyft. Or for delivering pizza.

It seems I’ve been doing some back patting here.  I don’t approve of back patting. I am uncomfortable with saying nice things about myself but I was struck by both those little incidents yesterday.

Also too – we had a light lunch yesterday (lunch is our “dinner”) so when I got home from the hospital I was a little hungry and there are no snacks of any kind in the house – not even a cookie. I mentioned that to my husband and that since we wouldn’t be grocery shopping there wouldn’t be any for a week plus no pumpkin pie. I could have bought it last week (Mrs. Callender’s pumpkin pie – to die for!) but I really didn’t have room in the freezer for it.

I thought of all the things I could bake, and they are limited. Lemon bars are out of the question because 1) They are sugar heavy and my husband has Type 2 diabetes so I have to go easy on the sugary stuff. 2) I don’t have any applesauce so I can’t make cocoa spice snacking cake 3) I can’t make any kind of pie because I have nothing to put INTO the pie.

What I CAN make though is chocolate cookies – deceptively delicious chocolate cookies. I made these for a self-proclaimed chocolate expert. He ate one, said “Not bad, not really sweet, just okay” and then he ate another one and another one. I think he downed 3 or 4 cookies in a matter of minutes. I said “They’re just okay? You just ate 4 cookies without stopping” He laughed and said “They just sneak up on you”.

So here’s the easy-peasy delicious cookies. Personally I do NOT add chocolate chips because I dislike chocolate chips and/or chunks of chocolate in my food. I do add nuts if I have any – you can find the recipe here – Double Chocolate Cookies

Thissa and Thatta

Which is basically Miscellaneous Mishegoss (which is the tagline for the blog).

I was going to talk about some back-and-forth between me and Melissa in the comments on the previous post but it’s about computers and such. If you know any people in their mid-70’s get them talking about what the world was like back when they were young.  I venture to say that no matter where they lived, they lived in interesting times.

On to corporate slickness –

I subscribe to home delivery of the Washington Post, which is my ‘local’ newspaper given that I live in Northern Virginia (which is not to be confused with any part of Virginia that is NOT Northern Virginia.)  Today I got an email that informed me of a special edition – See at the bottom, the sentence I have outlined in red? “All home delivery subscribers will be charged the Sunday home delivery rate for this special edition” –

So we get charged EXTRA for this ‘special edition’ whether we want it or not. But wait! – see that “Have Questions?” and “Visit us at ….”

Well if you are smart you DO go visit them and sign into your account and you will find this –

Well you KNOW I’m opting out. Click that link and you get –

Aha! I still get the special edition which will go directly in the recycle bin and I WON’T be charged extra. Bezos thinks he’s slick and I wonder how many people get that email, never read it completely and never opt out?  I’m sure I am the victim of other subtle scams and corporate slickness – but not this one!

Miscellaneous Mishegoss

~ I don’t do “prompts” but there is a Sunday music thing that several people who I follow do, and today it made me think of a beautiful but sad song that I hadn’t listened to in awhile – Sing You Home by Ennis.

I’ve got my Youtube favorites playing in the background and there are so many sad songs on it. Why do sad songs, slow ballads,  capture our minds so much? Oh there are a few hoppin’ and boppin’ songs on the list but slow sad songs predominate.

~ I’m having a bit of fun with Instagram – creating a ‘post’, using Canva, of my favorite quotes. With Canva I don’t have to worry about getting the post sized correctly or editing it – it’s kinda foolproof and easy. I’m even using my own photos for backgrounds…It’s fun.

(Currently playing: Perhaps Love – John Denver and Placido Domingo. Next up: The brilliant rendition of Sounds of Silence performed by Disturbed.)

~ Ok, now I’m bopping to Mercy by Duffy. Yeah, babe!

~ Lawsy but I do love to dance.  You can bet in my day I cleared the dance floor – I never needed a partner because my body has to do it’s own thing – and it ain’t like anybody elses thing.  I could never learn dances with predetermined steps – they weren’t MY steps, MY moves. And yet, I took tap dancing lessons when I was in my late 30’s – and in my usual backward way I got the hard steps easily and the easy steps tripped me up. Had the dance teacher shaking his head.

(Goodnight Moon by Shiveree – such a great dance song, and I am.)

~ It is difficult to type and dance at the same time…I may wrap this up early so I can get out of this chair and dance on my feet instead of my butt.  There was more I wanted to write but the hell with it, I gotta dance so why don’t I just Shut Up and Dance (Walk the Moon)

It catches up to you

Friday and Saturday were ultra stressful.  Today I am dealing with the residual stress on top of my usual stress. 24 hours a day of stress, it never abates, it is always there. I doubt I ever fall into a deep and restful sleep – even my dreams are stressful.

Last night I dreamt that I got an email from Instagram that they had taken down one of my posts because someone complained about it but then they reviewed it and thought it was just fine so they put it back. I almost got up to check my instagram account to see if I could find out who complained, I even had a thought about who it might have been. I was awake but not awake.  When I’m asleep I’m not really asleep.

We are back on standard time, thankfully. I hate getting up in the morning in the dark – it’s morning – there should be sunlight. The day starts at 6am and the night starts at 6pm, at least in my perfect world.  12 hours of day, 12 hours of night, what could be more practical? Day=light Night=dark. Simple.  I like simple. I am a simple person.

Also, not only do M&M’s not melt in your hands, they don’t melt in your mouth either. Just sayin’

Why am I still beating this dead horse?

Where are my people? Where is my tribe?

Where are the people whose first language is sarcasm? (Why is there no sarcasm font?)

Where are the people who can find the funny in just about everything?

Where are the people who like a little bit of just about everything but not the entirety of any one thing?  (I like Monet but please, spare me those damn lilies!)

Where are the concrete and carbon monoxide people? The folks who thrive in the energy of a city but find being out in the woods stressful but a city park soothing. (I understand your love of ‘Nature”. I need trees outside my window, why don’t you understand that my window needs to be on the 5th floor of an apartment building.)

Where are the people who don’t share my ‘likes’  but enjoy my enjoyment and can say that graciously while they disagree? (OK, I know a few of those people.)

Where are the people who can disagree, graciously, about anything?