Are there any images that always catch your attention and evoke an emotional response? Is there an animal that always “speaks” to you? Is there a feeling that seems an integral part of you?

I’ve just become aware that as I scroll through Instagram I am drawn to illustrations like the ones in children’s books – anthropomorphic depictions of animals – oh, like Beatrix Potter style. I also realize that illustrations of foxes – like these – produce a smile and a warm feeling, a connection if you will.

I’ve never much thought about foxes but it turns out, scrolling through my pictures files, I’ve been collecting such images for some time. I don’t know this means but I’m sure it means something because I believe that what we are drawn to, especially consistently over time, has meaning.

The feeling that I can fly has been with me for as long as I remember. When I was a kid I used to sit in the attic window, with my feet dangling outside and think – “If I jump will I fly?” I get up high and the urge to jump, and fly overwhelms me. (The thought of jumping and going splat scares the shit out of me – man, that is gonna hurt!)

Wings – the image of wings, the sound of wings – amongst my earliest memories. Wings show up in my dreams – just wings. Not attached to anything, or anyone, for that matter. And then, when I was in my early 20’s representations of butterflies became an obsession. I had butterfly jewelry, clothes with butterfly prints but never actual butterflies. Somehow, for some reason, at that time in my life butterflies ‘spoke’ to me.

Crows – oh, my beloved crows. I like birds, they’re pretty but crows – oh my, they are more than pretty, they are magic. They are the most fabulous of all flying things.

But foxes? Where do foxes come in? Yes, I looked up the symbolism of foxes, it is very contradictory and quite frankly I’ve never connected with the whole spirit animal system.

Wings, flying – that’s been a constant in my life. Crows have been a constant in my life. Butterflies have not. And I have no memory of foxes being an important image to me – except for recently. Two years ago when I was creating my Christmas cards I had an image in my head that I tried to replicate – a Winter woodland with a red fox curled up asleep – that image just brings me such peace .

I couldn’t find the exact image I saw in my mind’s eye so I created it with a bit of photo editing jiggery-pokery –

I love that image, it brings me peace, I look at it and feel “Ahhh…”