A productive day

Today was cold and rainy, yesterday was cold and rainy and we have about 2 or 3 more of these coming up – I mean the cool and rainy part.

Most mornings I just kinda futz around until 11:30 or so when I have to start cooking. After lunch I continue to futz after I’ve cleaned up the kitchen. Sometimes before¬† –¬† Eat lunch, futz, clean the kitchen. Anyway – late afternoon I fluff the bed and do some tidying up, wiping down, dusting – or not. Sometimes I only do the bed fluffing.

Today, after the usual morning of futzing and cooking and eating and futzing and kitchen cleaning-

– I cleaned both bathrooms which included scrubbing the hell out of the shower.

– I futzed

– I cleaned all the mirrors and took down most of the framed art work and cleaned the frames and the glass, I washed a wall (don’t ask!)

– I futzed.

– I’m typing this and then I will fluff the bed, then I will