What’s fun?

The grocery store this morning. First up – this guy – his eyes and his neck are all flashy – there’s a video of him in action on my IG account.

The second floor of the store has the pharmacy, all kinds of drug stores items, household items, greetings cards and – wine and fancy beer (the non-fancy beer is on the first floor). Thursday is Senior Citizen Discount day. While we were sitting waiting to get our flu shots a little old lady, older than dirt, shuffling behind her cart passed by us – what was in her shopping cart? Three bottles of wine and two bottles of mouthwash. There’s a story there!

Rory posed an interesting question today, “The question today is … at what age should children be indoctrinated into their parents belief system?” and it tickled my fancy and I overshared in a comment – here’s what I said:

My own “indoctrination” was pretty liberal – it didn’t matter to my parents what church we went to – the rule was come Sunday morning our butts were in a pew somewhere – anywhere. Folks think all Italians are Roman Catholic – couldn’t be further from the truth. My father and his father and most of his relatives were Masons – some of the women in the family were Eastern Star – so NOT Catholic. My mother’s family were Catholic but only as it was convenient. I have no idea if I was baptized, there are no records. My elder male sibling took to the Catholic church like a duck to water – my only exposure within memory was the free lunch program in the Summer that the Catholic church provided to us poor kids in the projects. I didn’t like those people or their attitude or their fancy church. I told my mother when I was 7 I wasn’t ever going to go there for any reason, she said OK since we are moving soon you can chose a church when we move…I went to a Lutheran church for awhile, didn’t like it, when I was 12 I went to a Congregational Church and there I found a home. My family followed me from church to church. My elder male sibling made first holy communion in the Catholic church, confirmation in the Lutheran church and became a deacon in the Congregational Church. The Congregational Church was the only one my younger brother ever attended.

Oh and to make things more interesting, my mother always expressed a desire to convert to Judaism –

When we moved to the nice upper middle class neighborhood in Queens (where we so didn’t fit in or belong), not only were we the darkest people in the neighborhood but come December when my mother put a Menorah in the front window – well, weren’t there a few raised eyebrows in the ‘hood.

Other than the fact that our building has no water all day because the county is digging up the streets to repair the water mains – It’s been a fun day so far…

White chocolate is NOT chocolate, you know that, right?

I have, in the past, been a devoted customer of  See’s Candy. Not in the warm weather months you understand – shipping costs for chocolate goodies in warm months exceeds the cost of the goodies themselves.

Actually I’m still a devoted customer of See’s but only in the Winter. The great thing about See’s is, besides the fact that it is oh so tasty, you can choose ONLY the ones you like. That’s right kiddies, if all you want is a box of raspberry truffles, that’s what you can order. Me, I like a variety of fruit flavored truffles – raspberry, orange, lemon. And then there is rum nougat, oh heaven. Maple walnut is good too, oh, hell almost everything they offer is supah!

Even better? You can order only DARK CHOCOLATE. There is no excuse for white chocolate to exist and milk chocolate is not far behind in undesirability. Milk chocolate just makes me gag; makes me nauseous. Plus it tastes terrible, it really does. If you are a fan of milk chocolate, you need to get your taste buds checked.

Don’t know why I am on a chocolate rant other than I just got an email from See’s about their latest offerings.

I normally don’t publicly crap all over someone’s personal preferences in food but I have a real blind spot when it comes to chocolate. DARK CHOCOLATE only, seriously.

You want to hear something totally off the wall? There are actually people in the world who don’t like chocolate! Can you imagine? Flabbergasts me too. Maybe the first chocolate they were given was milk chocolate and that just put them off all chocolate, I don’t know. It is sad tho, dontcha’ think?

Here’s a kicker in my case. I am lactose intolerant and I can consume chocolate only in very small portions. Very small. *Sigh* One small piece of solid dark chocolate, and I do mean small, is all I can tolerate. A piece of solid milk chocolate? Instant barf. There is no chocolate bingeing in my life. That’s why I like to treat myself to a custom box of See’s chocolate – my favorites, in dark chocolate, in small enough pieces to be enjoyable without making me sick. There are about 16 pieces of chocolate goodies in a one pound box of See’s – so that box lasts me 16 days – one piece a day. Unless of course I decide to share with my husband, then all bets are off as to how long that box will last.

And then there are cordial cherries – the ones filled with liquor not that gooey white stuff. The best I ever had were from Teuscher’s.  A real cherry, unpitted it turned out, floating in Italian grappa, all encased in the most superb dark chocolate you have ever laid your lips around. Sadly, these are not available via their online stores.  I was lucky enough to have had these just that once when I wandered into a Teuscher’s store in search of champagne truffles and discovered them. Ah, sweet memory.  Cherries, booze, chocolate – damned near died and went to heaven.

I’ve had fun writing this and it has cheered me up – I was feeling a little down and antsy and edgy. But here I am writing about chocolate and not caring what you Dear Reader think about it.  You have different likes and preferences? More power to ya, I don’t care.

(And yes, Snickers comes in dark chocolate. Which is better than nothing but not by much.) 


Oh Fun!

A friend saw yesterday’s post and sent me this via FB – 
Now isn’t that a hoot and so much fun and so true and are you loving it as much as I am? I posted it to IG and got lots of “hearts”.  Thank you again, David.

Three or so years ago we had our kitchen and one of our bathrooms renovated. The bathroom is supposed to be the master bath but let’s not let the description interfere with the reality – which is – the bathroom is a joke – yes it is part of the master bedroom but it consists of a nook, 29 inches wide where the sink is and then a tiny room with a door that has a commode and a bathtub. You cannot get into that room and turn around to close the door without finding yourself outside the room.  (The hall bathroom is also tiny with a stall shower that is smaller than a coffin – I measured – but at least everything is in one space.)

So we had the tub taken out and a walk-in shower put in – the shower is 5 feet x 2 feet 4 inches – so you don’t really have a lot of elbow room and indeed my husband’s elbows did bang into the glass doors. And there’s the rub. We did not even think twice about having glass doors, given the size of the space they had to be sliding glass doors, and my husband picked out these fancy (read: expensive) doors. Over time the foolishness of that sunk in – deep.

After my husband’s fractured femur and the consequent exacerbation of his already poor balance issues, those damn doors became a real danger. Did you know that frameless glass shower doors have a propensity to shattering for no damn reason at all? Just because they want to, it seems. My husband became anxious about the doors shattering; about losing his balance. Let’s not even discuss trying to keep it clean.

Yesterday we had the fancy-schmancy shower doors removed – Hallelujah. I decided on a new color scheme – black and white (yes, I know the walls are painted yellow but I’m not repainting the bathroom, just switching out accessories.) I bought a matte black tension rod, matching shower hooks, clear shower curtain, black towels and black bath rugs – Son-of-a gun but doesn’t that bathroom look a bit bigger and brighter and airier!

If I ever have to reno a bathroom you can betcha bippy it will be black and white. Here’s the fun part – I basically dislike black and white home decor – black is too, well, black and white is too stark – both colors make me unhappy but a black and white bathroom – dang, skippy that is so cool!