Trash away, trash away, trash away all…


Today is trash away day. A little perk by our condo board whereby once a year they pay our trash pick-up company, appropriately called ‘Trash Away’,¬† to bring trucks so people can get rid of their unwanted items that have been clogging their storage units and apartments.

Unfortunately the trucks are right under our windows and the motor is kept running, so it’s going to be a noisy morning for us. They are here from 9am until Noon. Starting at Noon they will go floor to floor and pick up the really big and bulky items that people can’t wrestle down to the parking lot themselves – like sofas and stuff. Another nice perk.

We have dumped: a huge picture frame with glass and the last of the cat accessories – a huge cat tree that doesn’t come apart, a huge (HUGE) litter box, a huge hard plastic cat carrier, a pet stroller. The rugs will be picked up by the trash away people – I suppose I could use my industrial luggage carrier to get them downstairs myself but what the hell – that’s why they send big, burly young men to help us old feeble folks.

Our storage¬† unit now holds: 2 medical walkers, 1 medical shower chair, 3 under-the-bed storage boxes, one small suitcase, a small ladder, 2 standing floor fans, a folding shelf thingy (folded of course), 2 small kitchen trash cans and one small coffee pot (you just never know when a coffee pot will break and one can’t be without coffee – so it’s the emergency back up.)

I don’t doubt that I could go through our tools and accessories boxes and clear those out – but those are small things that can be got rid of anytime. I really have to go through my husband’s clothes and get rid of great gooey gobs of stuff but those would have to go somewhere as donations. All of his work clothes can be gotten rid of – suits, sports jackets, dress shirts and his ties – Oh My – his gorgeous fabulous ties! And then there are the sweatshirts and hoodies that are all souvenirs from various places we’ve been – never worn.

Interesting thing about my husbands clothes is that they are a special size – the ties are extra long, his suits, pants, sports jackets are all custom tailored and his tuxedo is bespoke. My husband is 6’6″ tall with a long torso – he even has size 15 dress shoes in excellent condition. Someone somewhere would be glad of having these. Aside from his tux and maybe one sport jacket, I think they could all go. But – we have empty closets so I’m guessing these will stay for awhile.

A sad Saturday in its way – no physical evidence that we lived with cats for 3/4 of our lives. I miss living with cats and I miss Miss Frankie Lulu Belle so much – we still cry every time one of us mentions her. I could not miss a human more than I miss her.

I’m a wuss and other stuff

starI can’t stand seeing/reading about nice people getting it in the neck (so to speak).  I was in my 20’s when I first read Oliver Twist, and I was so upset by how that poor was treated that I skipped ahead to the end to see how it all came out and then never read the middle. I guess I have always preferred happy endings. And I guess I have a long standing habit of reading the beginning and then the end of books and often skipping the middle.

Even with tv shows, I hate when they put the ‘regulars’, who I have a fondness for, in jeopardy. In American tv shows you can usually expect that a regular won’t get killed off but British tv shows, hell, they’ll kill anyone off.

I find that all stressful. It makes me anxious and I don’t need my ‘entertainment’ to add more stress and anxiety to my life.

Yesterday I started a book titled One for Sorrow by Sarah A. Denzil (you can get it from Kindle Unlimited for free). It is first of a trilogy featuring the same cast of characters. Part of that cast is a family of psychotic, sociopathic serial  killers – a family!

OK, I knew it was a thriller/murder mystery but I didn’t realize how twisted it would be. About 80 or so pages in I had deduced certain secrets, had a vague idea where the plot would lead and my anxiety started to mount. I flipped ahead to the last 2 or 3 chapters to see how it ended and then returned the book. There was no way I was going to read the middle. Now this is a trilogy – 2 more books featuring the same cast of characters – the nice people who are the victims – and at least one member of the serial killer family.

I just borrowed the third book of the trilogy just so I can read the last few chapters and take solace in the death (I’m assuming the serial killer dies) of the baddie. I’m not reading the second book of the trilogy, or even the first part of the third – the baddie in these books is really bad – I can’t take it.

starThis morning’s ear worm is the Tastykake jingle – “So much fun to put in your tummy, Tastykake cakes and pies” but would you believe there is no Youtube for this? I found a Tastykake fan page on Facebook and they keep referencing it so I know I’m not hallucinating this.

starIt’s been 4 months since Miss Frankie Lulu Belle died. I miss her so much. I think I see her sometimes, waddle-waddling around the apartment. I think I hear her walking around at night. I think I can feel her jump up on the bed at night. Day time, night time – I feel her still here. I miss her so much. It’s odd to live without a cat, 50 years I lived with cats – I miss Frankie –