It’s summer so the only thing to talk about

is the weather. At 2:30pm the temp is 91°F (32.7778C), humidity is 44%, down from 73% this morning. In this part of the world the high temps hit around 4 in the afternoon, so we have some ways to go yet.  The a/c has been on since 10am.

It’s been raining for about a year and half now, and in some parts of the world people would read that and just shrug their shoulders “so what…”, in other parts of the world people might read that and say “You are so lucky, send some rain out way”. Everything is relative.

As I’ve said before, our apartment faces West, therefore the heat of the day, and the most sunlight hit our apartment at approximately the same time. But that also means the apartment is shaded during the coolest part of the day, the mornings, and most summer days I can have the windows open for a good portion of the time – which is !wonderful! (See, I have an upside for almost every downside.)

Summers here are hot, humid, rainy, cool, damp/chilly – basically disgusting. Have I ever told you I hate the Summer? I did? Well, you will hear it a lot for the next few months.

Since today is Sunday it is also pizza day Yay! When my husband calls the pizza place the conversation goes like this:

Husband: Hi, I’d like to have a pizza delivered, please
Pizza Place: The usual?
Husband: Yes, and I’ll pay cash.

And that’s how exciting my life is…