The Upside to being old

I don’t know how many times I can talk about this but since it occurs multiple times a day, every day, it is always in the forefront of my mind. And that is – just about everything and anything will remind me of a song or a poem.

For instance – This morning’s conversation:

Husband: Thanks for putting my jeans in the hamper. I forgot to do it last night.
Me: I noticed that, so I just figured I do it myself.
Husband: Well, I knew I hadn’t, so it had to be you.
Me: Singing – It had to be you…

It’s not that the whole song that applies (tho I have it playing now and hey, maybe it does), it’s just the words ‘it had to be you‘ had an immediate response from me – singing that line from that song. This happens all day long. Matter of fact, it happened just before I sat down to write this – an inconsequential conversation that ended with me saying “Six is a good number, but I like seven better” Then I sang “Seven come eleven in the boy’s gym, Charlie Brown…

I can’t help it. You talk, I sing.

It probably goes back to the song game my parent’s used to drive us crazy with – we would  ask a question my parents would answer with a song – the last word/words of our question would be a line from a song. They could keep this for the longest damn time; as kids it made us crazy, all we wanted was an answer, all we got was a song.

Books and music – the guiding forces of my childhood and life. My mother brought music and dancing – Oy, always the music and dancing. My father brought the books, and yes music but a different kind than my mother’s.

My mother didn’t do books. According to her she had read exactly two books in her whole life “Gone With The Wind” and “Dry Guillotine”. Interesting choices there. She was an avid reader of supermarket tabloids – The Star, The National Inquirer etc. My father would go bananas when she brought those into the house.

While my father knew all the pop tunes, show tunes, big band, jazz, same as my mother, my father also brought classical music and opera to the table. Not my mother’s fav’s since she couldn’t dance to them – and dancing was everything. (Needless to say my father didn’t dance but that is the way of the world.)

It’s the same with poetry for me – recently someone blogged about blogging and asked what the point or purpose of your blog and my immediate response was “This is my letter to the world that never wrote to me”  from an Emily Dickinson poem.  But those instant associations usually just remain a part of my ongoing internal dialogue with my unknown, unseen confidant.  They amuse and entertain me.

Today Rory posted a song challenge of 5 questions that required you to choose a song. There are way too many songs in my memory to answer any question that requires a favorite. One question was “A song that you hear often on the radio” – that made me laugh, do people still listen to the radio? I haven’t in decades – not for any reason. Ah, but the last question was “A great song (as passenger/driver) to listen to in the car with the windows down?

I had an immediate reaction and response! I have fantasized about being in a convertible, top down, on a sunny breezy day, open road, not much traffic, sitting on top of the seat (not in it) waving my arms and singing along to this:

Oh, and what does this have to do with being old? I’ve got 75 years of music and poetry in my head…

Busy, busy, busy

What an extraordinarily gorgeous day. Mother Nature’s little gift before, and after, her little weather jokes. This past week was super hot and humid, then 2 days of thunderstorms, the tail end of a hurricane, and starting tomorrow more super hot and humid, with triple digit ‘feels like’ weather for the whole week.  Ah, well, I’ll take this gift of a day and say Thank You.

It’s no wonder I never have time to watch ‘tv’ – right now I am juggling 4 books.

~ Season 2 (why they are calling them ‘seasons’ I have no idea) of Dean Koontz’ ‘Nameless’ series.. These are long short stories, or perhaps novellas, no more than 100 pages, some less. I just started the third book in Season 2. Free from Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. I like Dean Koontz for the most part and these keep me in engaged.

~ “The First Ladies of Fear (1830-1870)” by Nicole Jones-Dion. A compilation of horror stories from our old friends Mary Shelley, Charlotte Bronte Elizabeth Gaskell et al. This was a free download from prolificworks. com.  It’s a genre which has long interested me and I have several volumes of collections of such stories, including Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Blood and thunder’ stories.

~  “The Celts, A very short Introduction” by Barry Cunliffe. This is from a series of books by the Oxford University Press called Very Short Introductions. I got this from my local library, stumbled over it quite by accident scrolling the ‘recently added’ list. Turns out there are over 200 such books in the series covering such a wide range of subjects that I fear I may get lost going through them. The book is approximately 250 pages, so a quick read.

It’s not that I don’t already have books on the subject in my personal collection but hey, I’m always super interested in reading more. All things Celtic have a passion of mine since I was about 6 years old when I fell in love with Scotland. When I was in high school I tried to teach myself Gaelic.

~ “The Nightwatch” by Sarah Waters. I started to watch the movie on one of the streaming services and it is very darkly shot. I was squinting at my computer screen and it just became so annoying that I looked up the book. I had to put a hold on it at my local library and after 2 weeks I got a notice today that it was now available. I downloaded it, glanced at the first few pages and now I want to get to that book quickly.

I’ll read the library books first since they are time limited, and then back to my free downloads. Or I’ll dip in and out of all 4 books as my interest waxes and wanes. These aren’t the only books I have on my TBR list of course.

🛁 Since this is Saturday, I will be scrubbing the shower with my scrubber-on-a-stick and my handy dandy grout brush. I also have to take the seat off the hall bathroom commode and tighten it  because it is getting wobbly again. And if you think that will be an easy task, you are sadly mistaken. I have a skirted trapway commode and a soft-close toilet seat – do not ask about the complications of dealing with this.

So – a busy afternoon, I’d better get on with it. What’s first? Reading? Cleaning? Going down a research rabbit hole?  Can you guess?

Some people binge watch,

I binge read – which is what I’ve been doing for the past 3 days and will continue to do for another day or so – Sparing a few moments here and there to delete emails, read a few blogs, and then back to the books.

I did watch a movie last night – “The Dig” don’t think my husband enjoyed it, I did. First movie I’ve watched in months…

Gotta go now…