You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers!

Rory had some interesting questions today concerning the “About/Bio” page. I can’t say I’ve ever given this much thought. This blog has an “About” page and it reads “The first thing you should know about me is that I’m not you. A lot more will make sense after that.”  Previous blogs never contained an ‘about/bio’ page, I just really like that statement and it says a lot in a few words.  And it should also tell you that I can be more than a little snarky.

Rory’s Questions are:  (1) How important to you is your ‘About Me/Blog Bio’ section?  I think I’ve answered that one in my first paragraph. Of no importance at all. 

The next two questions are pretty much covered under the answer to the first question,
(2) Do you place any emphasis on the updating of it? and (3) Do you actually have one or just a contact page?

(4) Is it to your knowledge viewed often?I haven’t a clue, wouldn’t even know how to ascertain that, tho I do believe the Stats page would have the answer but then I rarely look at my stats page. 

The thing is – I never read the ‘About/Bio’ page on any blogs I read and/or subscribe to. Ok, never is a strong word. I’m sure I’ve clicked over to an ‘About/Bio’ page but I don’t make a habit of it because I don’t care and quite frankly the ones I’ve read are either boring or inconsequential – adding nothing  of import to my knowledge of the person.

What do I want to see on someone’s ‘About/Bio’ page? Where they live – not their exact address or course, but country/county/state/city/town. For some reason, even if the person doesn’t much write about where they live, this information is important to me.  I used to fantasize about road-tripping across the United States visiting all my blogging friends.

Perhaps because the internet allows us to interact with people from all over the universe, it’s important to me to know just what part of it the person comes from. (And when I say ‘Universe’ I’m somewhat serious – I’ve read blogs where I doubted the writer’s  residence on Planet Earth.)

The blogs I read on a consistent basis are personal blogs, people talking about their quotidian lives. That’s how I get to know people, not by reading their bio but by reading their blog.

Somewhere in Rory’s post it was mentioned that when coming across a new blog the about/bio would be read first to determine if they wanted to read the actual blog – that bugged me. Just read a few posts, that’s going to tell you more about them than their PR page (’cause isn’t that what an ‘about/bio’ page really is?) A person will reveal themselves more clearly and honestly  in the day to day.

All that said – Is there anything any of you want to know about me? Anything? Just ask. As with all questions, there is no guarantee I’ll answer, because some things are none of your business. But – take a chance, ask away – might be fun.

BTW – I live in: Country- United States. State – Virginia. County: Arlington. Born: Bronx, NY

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Older, no wiser

I think it was Sunday that I added a widget in the footer that invited readers to subscribe to this blog via email. I posted a note to that effect on my FB book page and since then I think four friends, all long time readers of my numerous blogs (I’ve changed blog names and platforms more times than Carter has liver pills) have subscribed. Which I think is just lovely. Well, they’re lovely people, so why wouldn’t it be.

My darling Lisa commented on that post – “I don’t want to miss a word of your insightfulness.”

And that’s what’s been bothering me these past many months. I used to write insightful posts. My Blogger blog is still there with posts I have deemed worthy of saving from these past 20 years (actually some need to be deleted because of missing photos – but never mind that for the moment).

I don’t think there is much here, on this blog, that is insightful – oh yes some of the re-posts, as it were and certainly the poetry – both old and new. But nothing like I used to write, and I’m wondering why.

Perhaps, older and wiser means you give up banging your head against the wall. Age brings enough new physical pain, why add more psychic pain. Perhaps one just gets tired of repeating the lessons learned of a lifetime of “Oops – did it again” and hoping someone might take heed. It is true that one has to learn the hard way – experience life for themselves – only way to really learn, take it in, make a change.

And then today Ally Bean asked “How will you know when it’s time to end your blog?”

And my answer to that is: when they pry my keyboard from my cold dead hands.

I often think of my blog the way Emily Dickinson described her poetry, if that isn’t too presumptuous of me, This is My Letter to the World”

I too live an isolated existence and my blog, and readers comments, are my only interaction with the world. Oh, yes there are the clerks in the grocery store. And the medical professionals. But truly, how much of those exchanges are of any meaningful import? None. They are merely informational or polite civility – nothing more.

So, like Emily, I hope you will judge me tenderly. Because I’m still here, and here I will stay.