So much I don’t really care

It’s been, what, a year since the virus lockdown? It has hit so many, many, many people hard and that’s not counting the people who have died. Some of those people were the agents of their own demise and others were innocent bystanders, pandemics are never pretty.

Bitchin’ and moaning is not just a national pastime, it’s a constant loud hum and thrum through the air. Acceptance and adjustment doesn’t seem to be an option. Rationality doesn’t seem to be an option.

The latest, of course, is vaccine availability. Oh my the whining. How much of ‘supply and demand’ do people NOT understand? And really, what makes you special? Can anyone argue that healthcare workers, first responders (fire fighters, police, emts) shouldn’t be the first and primary recipients?  And then, please yes, the folks working in grocery stores and other retail outlets that provide the necessities of life? You’re not one of these people? Then sit down and shut up.

The vaccines can only be produced so fast and distributed so fast. You can’t have what doesn’t exist. Is this hard to understand?

The vaccine distribution in my state is so ferkockte as to be a joke.  Am I old with underlying medical conditions? Yes. Is my husband old with even more dire underlying conditions? Yes. Do you see me bitchin’ and moaning? No. (That’s gotta be a first, right?)

Am I even more paranoid about going out, wearing a mask, which by the way I never found onerous, yes, I am.  Am I all sad and depressed about social isolation – No. I’ve been living in social isolation for 8 years now – I’m used to it, it’s no big deal any more.

Biggest worry on my plate is that I have to have an outpatient medical procedure that requires anesthesia, which in turn requires that I have someone to accompany me home. I do not have such a someone. The procedure is not an immediate necessity since it stems from my hospitalization back in September.  But it does need to be done, and eventually it will be. The getting home part will be dealt with the way I always deal with things – I’ll manage by myself – I have no other choice. Done and done.

Is my life situation better than that of many thousands of other people? Abso-fuckin-lutely! Do I know it? You bet your sweet ass, I do.

Please stop getting your shorts in a knot over things you have no control over. Get real. Count your blessings, put things in perspective and for pity’s sake, shut the hell up!

And for those folks who truly are in dire situations – y’all need to shout a little louder.

What’s not to like

The United States Postal Service has been less than wonderful recently thanks to the previous federal government administration and is on track to getting even worse. They do have one nifty service tho, called informed delivery They will email you images of your soon-to-be-delivered mail. How soon is another matter.

I received an email this morning with an image of what most certainly is a greeting card from our daughter (as well as several other pieces of mail, including a bill I’ve already paid.) Looking forward to picking up today’s mail!

I am notoriously known as not a morning person‘.  I do not speak in the morning. NO ONE speaks in the morning.  My husband whispers “Good morning baby” when I shuffle into the living room and then – deadly silence until I break it – which isn’t any time soon I can tell you.

There have been occasions when we have had house guests. For some reason house guests get up early. I have been known to announce, quietly but emphatically “There is no talking in the morning”. My house, my rules.

So this is for all of you like-minded people (Hey Peggy!)

Gotta move along here

I hate posting date specific stuff, the next day you gotta put something up just to move it all along. So…

Apple and MAC’s are starting to pluck at my nerves – nothing works with my new iPad mini – it doesn’t play well with Google or Chrome or Blogger. I think because it is considered an IOS device, rather than just a plain ole OS device. I guess I’m supposed to be using apps instead of the internet versions of things – Fuck ’em I don’t want to. I’m using my laptop more and my iPad less. Everything works on my laptop and desktop…

Also re: Apple/MAC – their software (is that what its called – things like Page or Numbers etc) is the pits. I hate the Microsoft OS but damn, their software is top notch – who doesn’t love Excel? Thankfully there is Open Office – can be a little buggy on the latest Apple OS but still works like a charm. It’s basically your Microsoft Office programs but, you know, FREE.  HA!

💥      💥     💥     💥     💥

While I was typing this I had an overwhelming desire for orange juice. We don’t have any, we never have juice in the house, juice is bad for you. What I do have is vending machines in the back entrance of my building. There is a soda machine. I went downstairs and lo and behold they had orange soda – probably not as good as juice but – ORANGE. Got me a bottle ($1.25 – highway robbery!) and gulped it down.

I think that was the first soda I have had in 2 or 3 years? More? I don’t normally drink soda, diet or otherwise, I don’t like the carbonation. Fizz is not my thing. But boy-oh-boy that soda was good.

Now – what was I talking about? Just bitchin’ I think. Well, anyway, let’s all just Rock On…

This guy is kinda cute, in a fey sort of way…I always liked the song but for the love of me can never remember who recorded it and this is the first time I’ve ever seen what the guy looked like…

Ghost Cat

Back in December Frankie was fading slowly and inexorably towards death but still with us, still yelling at us, still eating like a little hoover, sometimes; still wanting to be petted but mostly sleeping in our bed, only leaving the bedroom to eat and use the litter box.

I would occasionally see, out of the corner of my eye, and even when I turned to look full on, a cat, or rather just the rear of a cat, tail in the air, going around a corner of the room heading down the hallway, or turning the corner into the kitchen. I’d do a double take and get up to check if that was Frankie, needing something.

It never was. There was no cat. And besides, this cat looked almost black and Frankie was a brown striped tabby. Tho there seemed to be some brown mixed in with the black on that tail.

This happened frequently and after Frankie died, I mentioned it to my husband. The man who believes in nothing, certainly not ghosts or visiting spirits tho over the years of living me and having to deal with my ability to see and hear ghosts and spirits he is fairly accepting of the concept. My husband did kind of a head-snap thing, and said, very quietly “I’ve seen it too”.

We rationally discussed the matter, deciding that it was just an omen, a manifestation of the fact that Frankie was fading fast and would soon be gone. We thought that we would just get up one morning and find Frankie had left. We didn’t think at that point that we would actively have to let her go.

Thing is, after Frankie had died we were both still seeing that cat, turning a corner into the kitchen or down the hall. There seems to be more brown in the tail now, I don’t know what to make of it.

The day after Frankie’s ashes came home, I saw her sitting in the hall, as she did. Figment of my imagination? Wishful thinking or just remembering? Don’t know. But I’m still seeing the ghost cat.

And I don’t know what to make of it.