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Latest from the Blog

Chocolate Cake

Yes, chocolate cake is moist (yes, I have just used the most hated word in the English language.), and rich and delicious. And, No – cream cheese frosting does not taste like cream cheese. Here is the recipe for the most fabulous chocolate cake. It was created for the 93rd anniversary of the Hershey Chocolate Company… More

You don’t know what you don’t know

And in some cases you don’t know why you DO know. Last night I was passing through the living room and my attention was caught by a tv show (is that redundant?) my husband was watching. The people were using ASL, it was not being interpreted, and as I watched I started laughing, what they… More

Miscellaneous Mishegoss

~ No one in their right mind would call me a pollyanna yet I often take an upside/downside view of things. Such as: 6 days in the hospital. Upside: I got some much needed rest. Downside: I was very ill. Today’s upside/downside: Warmer weather, windows open all the time. that’s the upside. The downside? Even… More

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