It hasn’t been the best of weeks

and it could have been worse because – it can always be worse. I could say that I’m at the end  of my rope and choking but since I have been here/there for so long I’ve kinda gotten used to having a sore throat.

Moving on –

I want to send a particular book to several of my friends. That’s easy enough to do BUT – I remember with great fondness when a book was gifted and there was a little something written on the inside cover or flyleaf. It made the book special, didn’t it? Yes, it did.

Now, I could have the books sent to me, I could inscribe the books, package up each one and take them to the post office to mail out. Yes, there would be a little added expense – cost of packaging material, cost of postage, cost of Uber back and forth from the post office – and my friends are worth it. I can afford it and yet, I won’t be doing it.  I have gotten to the point where I simply don’t trust the post office to deliver anything in any kind of reasonable time in any kind of reasonable condition. Of course Amazon is no better these days. But also – the closest post office to me has been ‘reported’ for NOT delivering mail, not processing mail, and there has been more than a few reports of theft at the post office. Oh joy, what a wonderful world we live in.

BTW – here’s what a personally inscribed book looks like – I’ve never been this creative with inscriptions, I tend to NOT be sentimental. The book is “The Little Prince”, the year was 1967.


12 thoughts on “It hasn’t been the best of weeks

    1. Rita was an interesting girl…The US postal service is a semi-sort of government agency – it is running a deficit and currently to save money(?) first class mail can take up to 11 days to make it across the country – nothing works in this country anymore.

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    1. I never read any follow-up but mail is being stolen from post office street mailboxes, also from inside the P.O.s which means it’s the postal employees. But yes, unprocessed mail – just sitting in bags in the neighborhood p.o. – not delivered to residences, not delivered to post office processing centers – local post office managers don’t seem to care – file a complaint *ho-hum* prove it was us *ho-hum*


    1. I do what I can to adapt but I’m so damn tired of ‘adapting’ – I should write what I remember of that Summer but then I’m always saying “I should write about…” and I never do…

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      1. Well. I have told you before, possibly a few times, that you’re a brilliant writer. So if you can manage to crank out a post about that Summer you’ll find an avid reader in me. And probably all your followers :). I wonder what it would take? Some rest followed by some high quality espresso?

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    1. Not really the point – but shipping the books FedEx would be more than the cost of each individual book factoring in the Uber/cab fare to get to a FedEx office. We have USPS mail box in our building – if I am just posting a letter or card there is a mail drop in the lobby.


  1. That’s quite an inscription! She put a lot of time and thought into that. I had books with inscriptions when I was a kid and I do miss those. The personalization made the books that much more special. I noticed the dated and it’s 1 year and 13 days before I was born!

    I hate hearing about the post office issues. The postal service has been a part of my life since I was born because my dad worked there. I was even named from a letter he saw as he was sorting mail in our hometown post office. I tell him that the post office has gone downhill since he retired as a Postmaster although, of course, he has nothing to do with that. I do know from his experience that it’s nearly impossible to fire someone from there but I’d think theft and not delivering the mail would do the trick!

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    1. I’m pretty darn sure the guy caught stealing was prosecuted. There was another incident where the guy collected the mail from the on-street mail boxes and rather than delivering it just took it home and stashed it in his garage because he was just too lazy to to his job!


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