I’ve always hated having my picture taken

and I have few photos of myself – for lots of reasons. One reason just pisses me off every time I think about it so we won’t go there because today is Silly Day. Also, my husband could never figure out how to work a camera, so for all the years I’ve been married (the last 31 years) very few photos of me taken by him.

On IG today I posted my clowny photo – I bought that clown mask at the circus and wore it all night. I like clowns, lots of folks suffer from coulrophobia, I’m not one of them. I love clowns (except Ronald McDonald, he’s creepy and…bad food.)

I never dressed as a clown when I was a kid but adulthood brought out the clown in me –

Never one to pose, and tho hating to have my photo taken, it seems I didn’t have a problem mugging for the camera –

Plus photos of me wearing silly things – like parrots –

Or rubber chickens –

Or even goofy slippers (which drove the cats crazy, they hated those slippers)-

Yup, silly photos for Silly Day…

20 thoughts on “I’ve always hated having my picture taken

    1. Grief is so complicated; sadness at the loss of someone from your life and yet in remembering all that they were to you, that brings smiles. Let the tears and smiles come. 💜


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