Why am I still beating this dead horse?

Where are my people? Where is my tribe?

Where are the people whose first language is sarcasm? (Why is there no sarcasm font?)

Where are the people who can find the funny in just about everything?

Where are the people who like a little bit of just about everything but not the entirety of any one thing?  (I like Monet but please, spare me those damn lilies!)

Where are the concrete and carbon monoxide people? The folks who thrive in the energy of a city but find being out in the woods stressful but a city park soothing. (I understand your love of ‘Nature”. I need trees outside my window, why don’t you understand that my window needs to be on the 5th floor of an apartment building.)

Where are the people who don’t share my ‘likes’  but enjoy my enjoyment and can say that graciously while they disagree? (OK, I know a few of those people.)

Where are the people who can disagree, graciously, about anything?


13 thoughts on “Why am I still beating this dead horse?

  1. I prefer city life, if I don’t have to drive in city traffic. Except for the weather, Chicago was perfect for me ~ everything I loved one bus ride downtown. Museums, the zoo, pizza galore! Not a fan of wandering buggy woods…

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    1. I love NYC but I would never live there again but I think I would be very happy in Portland Oregon. Chicago was never on my radar tho I do love to watch House Hunters when they do Chicago – such quirky buildings. Big city parks are enough woods for me and like Joan Rivers, I think staying in a hotel without room service is roughing it.

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  2. Here I am! I want very much for you to have and enjoy the things you love. You do know that we don’t share all the same enthusiasms, but I like you anyway and feel as though you respect others whose likes differ from yours. Example, apartment dwelling would drive me bonkers and I am not a fan of big cities though I find them interesting to visit. I would not want to live there. And yep, I like the woods, and the cornfields, and the open spaces, and so on and so on.

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    1. When I started thinking of all the ‘likes’ we share they all had the word old in the description LOL We both like old farm equipment, old cars and old churches and old time hymns. We both like persimmons. When I was a young adult I longed for a single family home with a porch and a backyard – instead most of my adult life I lived in apartment buildings (yet I grew up in NYC in both apartments and single family houses with backyards) now I am so content in an apartment building. I look at houses, with the upstairs and downstairs, and all the problems inherent in maintaining a house and I think – no thank you. But an apartment with a patio or large balcony – ahh! And of course, trees! Birds!


  3. If you ever find a sarcasm font I want to see that one. I would stand in line for that.
    I could never be happy living in the city but I can understand how some people prefer it. And while I don’t like all the same things you do I so love your enthusiasm for the things you like. I also love the fact that you always tell things the way they are. If you don’t like something, you don’t pretend to. You can be honest about it without being mean.

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    1. Yup, you were one of the people I was thinking of when I said I knew people who can graciously disagree. Oh I hope I am never mean when I am honest, and if I am I hope someone calls me out on it. Look at all the things you changed my mind about – artsy photo editing and GLITTER! Never say never, right? LOL (Oh I bet we could have such fun on a road trip!)

      There are several sarcasm fonts available but there has been no unilateral agreement as to which one should be designated THE sarcasm font. Google it!


    1. I must admit that recently I went on a rant about anti-vaxxers and I was less than kind and certainly not very understanding. A person commented angrily, he was an anti-vaxxer and objected to being cited as a murderer. I think I was kind in my reply to him but I still think anti-vaxxers have no standing. Some subjects just get away from me and have me frothing at the mouth. But when it comes to something as mundane as city vs. country, I think that seeing and understanding another’s POV should be relatively easy (?)


  4. Not sure how I missed this because I don’t want to miss anything you talk about whether I agree or not. I love finding the funny in things and love laughing! Laughter feels so good all throughout my body! I love the energy of a city and being able to experience so many things within walking distance but I would prefer to live in a quiet house on the coast or, for now, on our cul-de-sac. I love hearing about what you like and what you’ve experienced because it expands my world. If we don’t listen to people with different views and backgrounds, oh how sad life would be. Oh wait, that’s kinda what’s happening in this country isn’t it? Well, it won’t be happening here – I’m all for enjoying your enjoyment!

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    1. Oh my dream residence would be an ocean view! Preferably a rocky coast from a high-ish elevation….with a nice little town within walking distance…I don’t know if we have such here in the US but I know in ENgland they do – a bustling little market town…Ahh, a girl can but dream.


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