Really, nothing going on

Three days after my milestone birthday I received a commendation from the House of Delegates of the Commonwealth of Virginia offering sincerest congratulation in recognition of my 75th birthday. Isn’t that cute? I may save it, it’s all fancy, fancy and comes courtesy of my local delegate, a Democrat. I’ve never heard of the guy but then I don’t follow local politics, just perusing the headlines makes me nauseous. What a bunch of losers. Voting in Virginia is pretty much like voting nationally – pick the lesser of two evils – they’re all crap.

I finally got around to have a DEXA (bone density scan) last week and lo and behold, my bone density is in the normal range for a 30-year old. I’m not sure why they use 30-year olds as the base measurement but hey, at least there is ONE thing normal about my body – scanning my body is akin to dumpster diving.

Got the new Elizabeth Strout book “Oh William” for a birthday present and I’m thinking I may re-read “My Name is Lucy Barton” before I start it. I’ve read “Lucy Barton” like 3 times but not in the last year. I suppose it is my favorite of all her books. You can’t go wrong with an Elizabeth Strout book except maybe “The Burgess Boys” – that one didn’t ring my bell.

We got whipping winds today and I have one of the windows in the living/dining room opened a crack and the glitter curtains are just dancin’ in the breeze – I caught my husband just staring at them with a slight smile on his face. These curtains just never get old. Everybody – go buy some glitter curtains, even if you put them on just one window, you will never lack for something to make you smile. (Regardless of your color scheme, I highly recommend the silver ones.)

Well, after 3 weeks I finally got a response from Mattress Warehouse about my refund – “they are processing it today” and if I hadn’t called – probably never. I don’t know if I’ll ever need another mattress but I sure as hell won’t go there again.

I miss opera. I can always listen to it, yes, but it is much more enjoyable to experience it in person. And besides, opera houses are always so opulent – going to the opera is just a total sensory experience. I was going to put an aria here but I know there are no opera fans reading this so I won’t torture you. I suppose opera is an acquired taste, then again, isn’t everything an acquired taste?



17 thoughts on “Really, nothing going on

        1. I question whether that woman is a true mezzo because she is swallowing the low notes -she never flatted but she just doesn’t seem to be a natural in the lower registers. She’s a good actress tho…

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    1. It’s just the local government. In the USA at 100 you can get a letter from whomever is the standing president but I think someone has to write in to request it This is a state election year, don’t know if my state delegate is up for re-election – I voted alread via absentee ballot and I just voted for Democrats – the names are immaterial.

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  1. I’ve never been a fan of opera. But, back when my daughter was a teen she had a tape collection that covered just about any kind of music including opera. She had listened to some with her grandfather and she liked it.

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    1. Ah but once (or probably more than once) I posted Leontyne Price singing Un Bel Di in concert and you said you liked it…then again – Leontyne Price/Un Bel Di/Puccini – what’s not to like?


  2. I’ll have to check out more Elizabeth Strout. I read Olive Kitteridge years ago and enjoyed it. I envision your glitter curtains and smile. I have twinkle lights in a houseplant that we keep on year round. Too fun to save just for the holiday, in my opinion. I’m not much of a decorator though. I just have stuff I like and to heck with anyone who doesn’t.

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    1. It was last year, or perhaps the year before, Strout came out with “Olive, Again” – the further adventures of Olive Kitteridge- really good. You can see the curtains in action here: Well, yes, I agree – we should decorate our homes with what pleases us, I don’t understand people who don’t – I’ve never been one to follow a trend.

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  3. I love that G was smiling at the glitter curtains! They make you both happy! How nice to get a letter and that book for your birthday too!

    Glad your refund is being processed finally. Persistance pays off! I got an e-bill from Quest Diagnositcs Monday and again today for $2461.60 for lab work done back in May. They screwed up previous bills by not billing my insurance first and it took months to fix so apparently I’ll be dealing with that again. I can’t talk to anyone because they’re short staffed so I wait.

    I don’t have much experience with opera other than seeing the Phantom of the Opera in Portland and the opera seen in the movie Pretty Woman. Lol!

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    1. Quest has this new thing – they tell you the approximate cost to you, after your insurance kicks in, and then take a credit card. When the final bill is totaled up they bill your credit card. So my last visit there they put a hold of $14.00 on my credit card and yesterday I got the final bill – $1.40, which was already paid via my credit card. I find this quite efficient. I go directly to a Quest lab now, instead of the hospital lab – it’s faster and the lab is closer to my house than the hospital is. I’m finding this new system to be really efficient.


  4. I never liked opera. I wanted to like it because of the stories, but it gets on my nerves. As for Lucy Barton, so many people have mentioned that novel. I may have missed it, but will put it on my TBR list. Thanks for mentioning it here.

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    1. When I was a little, little girl, and there were opera singers on The Ed Sullivan Show I would call them “screamers”. There are still certain soprano voices that make my ears bleed. When I was in my 20’s I was hanging out with young aspiring opera singers, one of who was being mentored by two very famous opera singers and I got to experience opera on a whole ‘nother level – very up close and personal (like watching an opera from the wings at the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC).

      I have mentioned Elizabeth Strout and her books many times over the years. There is a quote from ‘Lucy Barton’ about being a writer that I love – “You will have only one story. You’ll write your one story many ways. Don’t ever worry about story. You have only one”

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