I finally invested in a real microphone, haven’t quite mastered how near or far I should have it but at least the echo is gone. I have played it back and you can hear my intake of breath and my sniffs – oh well. It’s just me rambling on, you can set it to play and then go do something more entertaining or productive – or you can just skip the whole thing. I just needed to hear the sound of my own voice (and I hate to type and for some reason the ‘B’ on my new keyboard sticks – such a PITA)

14 thoughts on “Experimenting

    1. I think it’s the music in poetry that drives me – music was a huge part of my life before words were – neither of my parents played a musical instrument (is that redundant?) but whatever else was going on, there was always music playing. There was always singing. There was always dancing.

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  1. Yay for audio, it brings more humanity to blogging. I like how you are working on poetry snippet here. I liked your last poem here too. Knowing how much you worked on it makes me appreciate it evem more. Might have to re-read it tonight. And listen to the song at the same time.

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    1. People just slap words on a page, in short sentences that may or may not rhyme, and call it poetry – NO! Or even longer sentences that don’t rhyme – NO! There HAS to be MUSIC! If there is no music,no rhythm it is NOT a poem, it’s friggin’ prose. And you don’t use anachronistic words to make a rhyme – you wrack your little brain, or use a thesaurus, and use the right word. You don’t mix metaphors. If you want to write then you have to read. And you have to learn technique. Prose or poetry, there are basic mechanics. Throwing words on a page does not make one a writer, just a typist. (Paraphrasing Truman Capote on Jack Kerouac.) But hey, that’s just my opinion LOL

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      1. I’m ignorant about the finer points of poetry (and actually learning for the first time from you) but I will say that Jack Kerouac did get carried away. I could be crucified in circles for this but I feel his only really good work was Dharma Bums. Specifically because it’s tighter and there’s much less of that bullshit where it seems like he just took some form of speed and typed everything that came into his mind.


  2. I love hearing you tawk too! Your voice is soothing to listen to and of course I love your accent. I don’t think in poetry in any way shape or form but I do have music in my head most of the time. Music moves me so there’s always some song rattling around in my brain often causing me to dance even though no one else knows what I’m dancing to! Oh if only you’d moved to the west coast 30 years ago!

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    1. At least in this day and age when people see someone dancing to music only they can hear they assume ear buds – back in my day when I’d be standing on a corner, waiting for a light to change, hoppin’ and boppin’, they just thought I was crazy!


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