Not a bit personal

Worked to death, inspired by this song, the lyrics, not the video, tho the video is rather atmospheric.

I made the graphic to fit the poem. I had one line of the poem and I based the graphic on that.

One song, one line, one graphic – none of this is personal to me.

Coming Undone

Day mutates to night
Night flickers and dims
Transparent, time shimmers.

Reality jitters and jumps
Neon halos convulse
Perception shudders and sighs.

Alone and undone.

© Grace St. Clair 2021

7 thoughts on “Not a bit personal

  1. After listening to the song I read the poem in the same rhythm as the song. As I mentioned on IG, I feel this poem is powerful. Few words but the ones you chose are so powerful. You have such an incredible gift, Grace!

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    1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU – You got it! Yes, it was the mood of the song. I just read the poem while listening to the song and I didn’t realize the rhythm was the same. Bless You! I worked hard on that poem – the words are all movement – flickers, dims, shimmers, jitters jumps etc. Just thank you for getting it. 💜


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