Guess what day it is?

It’s the day that abomination know as pumpkin spice coffee is on offer. It also means that it is time for my annual posting of my anti-pumpkin spice poem –

Pumpkin Spice

I double checked, it’s August still
Yet scrolling down my Facebook wall
It seems I’m wrong, it’s really Fall.

Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger – nice.
Cloves and allspice – maybe not,
Still, in pie it hits the spot.

Coffee, sure, that’s de rigueur
But sprays and soaps and lotions, Yikes
The world seems made of pumpkin spice.

Old fashioned folks like me protest!
Pumpkin spice in pie is best,
Please leave it out of all the rest.

© 2018 Grace St. Clair


14 thoughts on “Guess what day it is?

  1. Hahahahahaha…. wait? I’m supposed to be offended by this as a loyal Pumpkin spice fan! But I actually find it hilarious each year. You are not wrong…. August is too soon. This year, I’m easing into the season and drinking Maple Pecan first. Then moving into Pumpkin after school starts.

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      1. I do not like the straight taste of coffee. Too strong and acidic. But, as a working Mom, I require the false energy and promise of a good day provided by caffeine. So my compromise is flavored creamer. Win-Win 🙂

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    1. You will get no argument from me! I like pumpkin pie. But I also don’t want my house smelling like pumpkin pie – those candles! They even have pumpkin spice hand lotion! Why, god, why?

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    1. LOL – you are too right! Pumpkin is only good in pie – wonder why that it is – because it is basically tasteless? Oh wait they added ‘pumpkin pie spice’ to them, right? Goodness I had no idea I made such an impression on people ROFL


    1. It just makes me snarky and a bit bewildered. Why? Pumpkin is tasteless and odorless – it’s the spice mixture that give it any personality at all – well, there is the color – orange will certainly get ones attention.

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