And a gracious good morning to you…

It’s 8:30am and 66º with more than a bit of sunshine and a brisk cool breeze – Heaven!

It was much cooler when I woke at 5am; I didn’t get out of bed until 6:15 and the laundry was swooshing away by 6:30am.  Yes, today is Monday, double load laundry day. For some strange reason the clothes, sheets and towels seemed extra soft and wrinkle free this morning – don’t know why – maybe because for the last few weeks I have been using hot water for the wash? Don’t know but I’ll take it.

Tomorrow is my ‘procedure’, an endoscopic ultrasound to take another look at the mass in my stomach that nearly killed me last September. This will involve anesthesia and the anesthesia department will be calling me this afternoon to complete their questionnaire.  So much medical stuff is still being done by phone and video because of Covid – which, of course, is on the rise again because people are morons, assholes and incipient murderers. Is that harsh? No, just the truth. Take it or leave it. I ain’t going nowhere without my mask. Hi-Ho Silver and away!

A neighbor has been gracious enough to volunteer to pick me from the hospital tomorrow – you aren’t allowed to leave alone, you must be accompanied by someone 18 y/o or older and someone who is known to you. My husband can’t accompany me, or pick me up because he is an asshole.  If my neighbor can’t make it, I’m screwed.

Can you give us something a bit more cheerful, you ask? Ok –

The family visit last week was a total delight. I finally got a chance to meet my granddaughters – they are 2 and 4.  We put them up in a suite at a local hotel about a mile away from us. They spent part of their days at a fabulous park across the street from the hotel, they went to the National Zoo and even toured some of the monuments – not that the girls were all thrilled with the monument thing but their parents were. If you are ever in the D.C. area the Lincoln Memorial is a total must, as is “The Wall” and adjacent to that the Vietnam Nurses Memorial  – so powerful. They also liked the WWII Memorial – I don’t know, it never impressed me much.

They came to us around 4 in the afternoon every day, and we just hung out doing stuff – coloring, playing with blocks, running around the apartment, playing hide ‘n seek – just stuff plus dinner of course. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, it was a great visit.

And then there are meatballs – I like meatballs but you just never know how they will come out since there is no real recipe – just a list of ingredients – no amounts given – how much of any one ingredient depends on your taste and texture. I made ‘meatballs and spaghetti’ for the family – and they were the best meatballs and gravy (spaghetti sauce, or red sauce to you) I’ve made in, like forever! I’m still drooling over how good they were.

I’m sitting at my desk and I’d rather be in the living room watching my sparkly curtains dance in the breeze –

17 thoughts on “And a gracious good morning to you…

  1. One of the things I like about both your blogs is how you sometimes find joy in simple pleasures. I’m glad you had a good time with your family. Hope the procedure goes smooth as can be expected and glad you got thar neighbor.
    Yeah, I ordered meatballs from a kinda-sorta authentic pizzeria yesterday. I won’t make that mistake again. At least the pizza was delish.

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    1. Yeah, you know what? I do – it’s my inner 6 year old – Old enough to be a bit cynical but still young enough to bounce in my seat, clap my hands, ooh and ahh over the simplest things and yes, glitter! Meatballs are like bread dough, it’s ready when it ‘feels’ right!

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  2. Those curtains are the best!

    I hope all goes smoothly with the procedure. With the post-anaesthesia babysitting rule, I wonder what they do for that, and other procedures, if someone has no babysitter available. Do they force them to have an overnight stay? Or do they just tell them to fuck off until they can make themselves a friend?

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    1. I’ve often thought the same thing! There are some folks, especially us old ones, who don’t have anyone available to do the post-procedure babysitting. Maybe I’ll ask someone tomorrow…(I’m still loving these curtains! My granddaughters thought they were the best things, and the other day I had a repair guy in and he was absolutely delighted with them – he was so funny!)

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  3. Sending all love and good vibes for a successful procedure. I know you’re not a One God person. It since I am, I hope you don’t mind that I will pray for you and your medical team to be well and successful and that they find nothing wrong. I’m selfish and want you with us for many, many more years. Your asshole husband (that gave me a chuckle) does too, I’m sure! Love you!!

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    1. But I believe in love, and I believe in the energy of the Universe and that we are all connected – Pray on, Sister! Send your love my way, I’ll embrace it with open arms and heart. 💜


  4. Sending positive thoughts your way that all will go well tomorrow. I had to laugh when you wrote that your husband can’t accompany you or pick you up because he’s an asshole. I was under the impression that all men are assholes…lol
    Those curtains really are awesome.

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  5. Grace, instead of calling me and other people who have chosen not to get vaccinated morons, assholes and incipient murderers, why haven’t you noticed what’s going on at the border with people entering without being tested or vaccinated? Did it ever occur to you that that might be a big contributing factor to the uptick in cases? Why does is always come back to Americans not doing their part?

    Even though I know that COVID is real, I don’t fear it. I never have. So why would I get a vaccine for something I’m not afraid of?

    For you? For other people?

    No, sorry. I won’t do that. This my body and my choice. And that’s “my” truth.

    Yes, I will wear a mask out of consideration for other people. But I will not get vaccinated.

    What I find interesting is how fearful the already-vaccinated people are, in spite of how much they talk about how effective it is.

    But I blame that on all the mixed messages and contradictions out there.

    Grace, in all sincerity, I wish you all the best with your ultrasound procedure tomorrow. Be well!

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    1. While I will always respect a person’s right to govern their own body, anti-vaxxers – whatever the vaccine might be are not just taking control of their own bodies, and their children’s but other people’s bodies. If me getting a vaccination not only saves MY life but someone else’s? Hey, I am all in on that – that’s the least I can do for my fellow human beings.


  6. I’m sending love and good vibes that all is going well with your procedure! I hope the doctors find out what they need to to fix you all up right. I, too, giggled at the asshole husband comment! I’m glad your neighbor can help get you back home. Wishing you lots of rest as you recover from today!

    I’m so happy your visit with the little ones went so well! The meatballs sound delicious and those curtains are magical!

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    1. The procedure went well, I’ve read the post-op report, don’t understand a word – it will be weeks before I find out anything else, doctor is going on vacation…

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