It’s Just Sunday

I was out of bed earlier than I needed to be, I think the cool breeze whipping the curtains around woke me. Yes, last night, while rather moist, was relatively cool, the low 80’s, and I opened the windows before I went to bed. Open windows means I can breathe.

It’s just past 8am and I can hear  one of the maintenance staff watering the greenery and washing down the sidewalks around the building. (One of the plusses to this building, there is 7 day maintenance staff on duty.) Yesterday there was thunder throughout the day, it was that humid, major storms all around us but not exactly here.

Melissa aka Zero Space has been commenting on my previous post that she is now reading my old Blogger blog as an aid in managing her ED. First my writing about food helped her with that (she says) and now reading and eating. That made me happy for some reason. I’m helping her, in a small way, without actively trying (tho I would if I could, she’s an interesting lady and I like her).  Me, just being me, doing what I do – someone finds helpful. Doesn’t get much better than that.

One week from today I will get to meet the Baby Princesses for the first time! I’m so excited, and anxious. A two year old and a four year old – quite possibly stuck in an apartment or a hotel suite for too much time. I’ve bought coloring books, crayons, paper to draw on and some lego-like blocks. Their parent’s want to go to the National Zoo. Personally I would never step a foot into D.C. – it’s just too dangerous.  The zoo is free but it costs $30 to park – oho! And you need to get tickets ahead of time. I sent Da Mama a link to the web site so she can decide what she wants to do about that. They are driving down from Vermont, stopping somewhere in New Jersey for a few days to do the beach thing and then down here to Virginia.

Because today is Sunday it is major cleaning day, which just means, in addition to my regular cleaning, my husband vacuums. And I run a duster over the furniture, wipe down the window sills, change the bed sheets, wash the kitchen and bathroom floors. It also means, PIZZA DAY. It’s not like we couldn’t have pizza any other day of the week, or even every day if we wanted, it’s just become SOP. Like Sunday being major cleaning day (as if every day isn’t a cleaning day for me. Yesterday I was doing the on-my-hands-and-knees shower scrubbing – it has now become a standard Saturday chore.)

I wish I had a balcony or patio – it is such a gorgeous morning. The next place I live will have to have “outdoor” space. No compromises. And wouldn’t it be lovely to live in a place that isn’t hot and humid, as if that place even exists any more. At least we have mild Winters, most of the time, periodic snowmageddons, are no more fun than extreme heat and humidity for months at a time.

Look at this – me writing a post early in the day. Most of the time I don’t get a chance to really settle into internet/computer stuff until the middle of the afternoon. But I’m typing on the laptop, which I don’t like – the ‘t’ is wonky – I hit it once and two show up on my screen – what is that about?

Enjoy your day and I hope you dance…

16 thoughts on “It’s Just Sunday

    1. How astute! Actually yes, i was up at 6:30am, and for about an hour and a half the only words I uttered was “Seems so” – which was in response to my husband’s question – “Are you up? I’ll put up your coffee” That’s how it goes normally, I do NOT like talking in the morning. No talky.

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  1. Yes, it all started with that lovely mention of a particular italian dish on your blog (picture was included) when I hadn’t eaten in 24 hours 2 months ago 😆. I was ready to cook at midnight after reading it. Goes to show that everyone has value just by being themselves.
    Glad you get to hang out with kiddos. It sucks that you don’t have a balcony. I feel that – I love balconies. And enjoy that pizza, sounds wonderful.

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    1. No outdoor space, no in-unit washer and dryer – I could deal with all the other negatives (I think) except for those two but who knew they were that important to me, having had both for so many years – took it for granted. Stupid me! (the pizza was good – we have the same kind every Sunday – white pizza, mushrooms and ground beef. The pizza place does not have good red sauce, their sausage is way to salty. Personally I would like to try one of their veggie pizzas but that would never fly with my husband.)

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      1. I feel like most commercial pizza places are shitty. I like the brick oven places – quality seems to be more reliable. Sauce is so important. Oh man. Going to the laundromat is terrible. It’s such a time suck. And sure, you can read but most people would rather read in the comfort of their own homes. As opposed to a public laundromat where someone could come in at any moment with a big pile of clothes reeking of fish guts and wet dog. Or whiskey.

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        1. First off, I’m from New Yawk City, so good, nay, even great pizza can be found on any street corner. How national pizza chains stay in business there I’ll never know. There are local ‘chains’ and they are fabulous too. The pizza place we patronize here is a small chain with a very limited menu, they are about 5 blocks away and still on occasion, we get lukewarm pizza *sigh* this is Virginia, whadda ya gonna do?

          And, no I don’t do the laundromat thing – heaven forbid! This building opened for residents in 1964 as luxury rentals. So luxury that there are TWO laundry rooms on EVERY floor. Now it is condos, and when we were “house” hunting our real estate agent brought us to one place that had the laundry room in the basement. that was a big NO. I don’t do basements. At one time I lived in a third floor walk-up in lower Manhattan and had to use a laundromat and it was the best entertainment. I dined out on laundromat stories I can tell you. What a hoot that place was…

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          1. Oh good on the laundry room thing. I’d kill to visit NY and experience the authentic food (in this fantasy where future me has no ED). See – you make me hungry without even trying. It’s like magic.

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  2. We’ve been opening the windows at night and I’ve slept better than I have for months. It does get down into the 50s so I wake up frozen but dang it’s good to sleep past 3am!

    I’m so happy you get to meet Baby Princess soon! That’ll be so memorable for all of you!

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    1. I hate a/c and I hate living somewhere where I need it – it gives me such a headache and runny nose! Yes, so excited to finally meet the girls.


  3. I broke down and put the small air conditioner in the bedroom window and now the past week has been cooler since we’ve been getting rain. Now I desperately want to just open the window at night but that stupid air conditioner is there and I don’t want to have to wrestle it out of the window.
    Meeting the baby princess sound fantastic.

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    1. You only have one window in your bedroom? That’s the thing about central air – you can have it and open windows, not at the same time, of course, but you have the options. I remember when I lived in places with window a/c and I also remember when I lived in places with NO a/c!


  4. You go all in on Sunday! I admire anyone who can keep to a cleaning schedule. I mean to be that person, but I fail to do so. I also don’t fret about my failure, so there’s that too.

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    1. When you live with a schedule obsessed person you learn to adjust to their comfort levels even if it makes YOU crazy. The Sunday. cleaning thing started when we both worked the 9 to 5 life, but my husband is semi-retired, works part time from home, and while I clean every day, his contribution, the vacuuming, remains a Sunday chore. One time he went all crazy and suggested we do the major clean on Saturday, but that was just once, he said it “didn’t feel right”. I don’t do all that much on Sunday, takes about an hour or so, because he is vacuuming that’s why I wash the floors, otherwise I clean everyday as I go along.

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