Miscellaneous Mishegoss

~~ Boy am I in a grumpy mood, didn’t start out that way but Sunday is pizza day and we discovered that our pizza place is closed today! WTH? Because it’s the 4th of July? Isn’t this a day when there might be even more people ordering multiple pizzas for their ‘holiday’ parties? I mean, not everyone has a backyard or does that whole cooking outside on an open fire thing. Plus – the ‘day off from work’ aspect has been moved to Monday – so will they be closed tomorrow too?

BTW – those are all rhetorical questions. My husband answers rhetorical questions, usually with “I don’t know” . Drives me up the effin’ wall and then I get all snippy (his description). I do not know why the hell this makes me so ‘snippy’ but it does. I’ve asked him to please not answer rhetorical questions, especially with “I don’t  know”. Has he stopped doing that? Nooo. “Why do you do that” I ask him, non-rhetorically. His response? “I don’t know.”

~~ So – 4th of July. Some sort of federal holiday, something about independence? Declaration of independence? I don’t know…Nor do I care. I am not the least patriotic. The USA has nothing to say to me, I don’t identify with any of it, I’m not comfortable here, never have been. And just because I am Italian-American don’t think I have any attachment to Italy either. Of all the countries I would like to visit Italy is not even in my top ten. Actually I don’t think there are even ten countries I DO want to visit. But I am not thrilled about being here either.

~~ I love all things Oxo. Of course you can get most of the Oxo stuff on Amazon for less money. I don’t know how they manage that, I don’t care, it’s a few extra pennies in my pocket.

I love all things microfiber except sheets. Microfiber sheets are total crap. I do have microfiber undies and they are quite nice, but sheets? No.

Same with bamboo – a nice eco friendly ‘wood’. We had bamboo floors in the Philly house, lovely. I have all kinds of bamboo accessories – step stool, utensil organizer etc but bamboo fabric? Total crap.

~~ I’ve never been one for tags, or SEO (whatever the hell that is) or promoting my blogs, or blog stats and all that bloggy happy horse manure – but I haveta say I shall never use the tag ‘poetry’ again – all sorts of strange people come out of the woodwork, like a post, don’t comment and then, I hope, go quietly away. I feel invaded. I feel like strangers have been peeking in my windows.

I can live without likes and followers. And I only want comments from people who actually have something to add to the conversation. I want to hear from my friends, not strangers. How do strangers become friends? They comment on what I actually write instead of some generic bush-wah nonsense.

I’ve been commenting way less because, for some stupid reason, I still think people want to hear something besides “Nice post”. I’m wrong, you understand, and now so do I. Tho I admit, I did just comment “I enjoyed reading that.” I really did enjoy that particular post, I enjoy a lot of that person’s posts, but anything more than ‘I enjoyed this” is, I don’t know – out of line? Inappropriate? Falling into the ‘get your own blog’ category. Comments are funny things, aren’t they? A whole minefield to tiptoe through.

I could tag this most many ways – but I think I’ll use just one and I doubt anyone will be looking for it.

12 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Mishegoss

  1. That’s annoying about the pizza. I didn’t think businesses still closed for stat holidays.

    Certain tags definitely seem to bring on the weirdos. Especially if it’s something like censorship or freedom of speech.

    I had to click your link to see what Oxo you were talking about, because the Oxo I know is the soup stock cubes that have probably never been within a mile of the animal they claim to represent. I figured we were talking about different things, because you said all things Oxo, and my Oxo is limited to “chicken” and “beef.”

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  2. Just popping by to say hi! We’re currently on vacation and WiFi is spotty. I am sorry your pizza plans were ruined by the holiday. I would be disappointed too. Hope today is better and you are less grumpy because I equate grumpy with unhappy, and you my dear Grace deserve to be happy.

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    1. Yeah, lucky you – you’re ‘down the shore’ as the people in Philly say. I haven’t seen the ocean since we left the Bahamas, I miss it. Nah, grumpy is just momentarily unhappy – pizza Sunday has been a tradition for years now, and it looks like that place may be closed on Sundays from now on – *sigh*

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  3. How do strangers become friends? They comment on what I actually write instead of some generic bush-wah nonsense.

    YES. I receive many comments that are merely an emoji or two word like “great post.” While it is true that I occasionally write great posts, as a new-to-me commenter you have to explain why you think what I wrote is great. It’s funny how many comments don’t make it onto my blog. I delete that which I find trite. Something that is happening more frequently of late.

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    1. And this has given me food for thought – I sometimes comment “I enjoyed reading this” – I could be more specific. I’ll try to up my game on that. And then again, sometimes there just isn’t anything to comment on – which is why I (normally) like the ‘Like’ button – at least the person knows I read the post. Unless of course, they think I am one of those serial likers, who probably don’t read a word but just go down the WP reader and hit like indiscriminately. Why do people do that?

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  4. Hmm, I wonder if the pizza shops here were closed. It’s been a long time since I’ve ordered pizza. There is a small local place that makes really good pizza but they don’t open till 4:00pm. There have been lots of times I’ve wanted to get pizza but once I get home from work I don’t feel like going back out again. If they opened earlier I could pick it up before I go home.

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    1. Ah, well your small local place might not have much lunch business so no point in them opening earlier. Maybe Brick’s is closed on all holidays, probably But 4th of July on a Sunday? Ooo – bad business I think.


  5. I’m sorry your pizza place was closed on the 4th but your second paragraph had me giggling! Especially the last line. You two are a hoot!

    A lot of the restaurants in our town were closed too and they said the reason was to let the employees enjoy the holiday. It might’ve not been good for business but it probably helped morale.

    I’m stil giggling over G’s response!

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