I had tea and toast for dinner tonight. As I was buttering the toast I thought “Mmm – apple butter and cinnamon toast, that would hit the spot.”  as I was typing that sentence I decided to look up apple butter in case there are people who have never heard of it and what popped up but the Musselman’s web site. That is exactly the brand my parents alway bought. More memories! I just bet there is no way in 47-hells that the stores around here carry it, but since tomorrow is grocery shopping day, I’m gonna look. Who’s taking odds I’ll find it?

Apple butter and cinnamon toast brought up another memory – white bread with butter and sugar sprinkled on top, the poor people’s dessert. We didn’t toast the bread, at least I don’t remember the bread being toasted. I do have to tell you the truth, this was probably not a favorite of mine since I never really cared for butter or sugar. But I guess if you’re craving sweets and you can’t afford to buy them, it will do.

I’ve always said that if you’re going to be poor, then it’s good to be Italian – so many ways to make macaroni. There were a few years, when I was growing up, when money was tight and we didn’t see meat for months on end but there was pasta fagioli (you might know it phonetically as pasta fazool).  Google says it’s a soup, I don’t remember it as being all that soupy but it wasn’t like a thick stew either. Cannellini beans and ditalini (that was the kind of macaroni you use – all macaroni has it very own name). I don’t remember what all else went in to it, and I refuse to look at the recipes on line because I know that’s not what my parents made…

That’s why, aside from pizza, I don’t like eating in Italian restaurants – it’s not like what I grew up with. One time my IBM (Italian By Marriage) husband was in a restaurant with his family and ordered tortellini with pesto. They bring him a dish of tortellini with some white sauce on it. My husband is all – “What is this? I ordered pesto? This isn’t pesto, pesto is green, pesto is made with basil, this is just plain white sauce” and his family is all “Shush, just eat it. Don’t make a fuss, what’s the difference?” The waitress got all flustered and said “We used to make real pesto but the customers didn’t like the color.” Oy!

I’m gonna dream about apple butter and cinnamon toast tonight.

19 thoughts on “Toast

  1. JoLynn is harvesting basil tomorrow, making pesto. It will be green for sure. I am enamored of your food stories. I have no Italian heritage, but your accounts make me salivate– or sometimes laugh when you skewer the faux Italian cuisine.

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    1. It seems you can make ‘pesto’ out of any green leafy vegetable tho I tend to think basil is the original. I’ve read of spinach pesto and, wait for it – kale pesto! Gag me! Some recipes call for walnuts, most call for pignoli (which are crazy expensive), everyone always says use parmigiano and I say, treat yourself, use Romano. We’ll talk about this more later.


  2. Oh geez, Grace. This will be the second time that I went 24 hours without food, didn’t have a single hunger pang because I was too depressed, and then read a post of your ms featuring mention of italian dishes and realized that I actually am very hungry.
    Stubbornly I refuse to eat tonight, but this is definitely getting to be a pattern.
    Whenever I feel the need to develop an appetite, I’ll just visit your blog and look for food posts. Dang I am really hungry now. Maybe just a snack…

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    1. Well, good that I can make you hungry, at least I can be a bit of a help there. I never tagged posts until recently, perhaps I shall have to go back and do that for you – until then here’s one I found quickly (from my old blog) – Italian Beef Stew that you might like – it’s got a photo and everything!


      1. I’ve since revised my attitude to “let’s eat as little as possible on purpose” which means I won’t go chasing after appetite stimulants 😆😅. However – it may still be a good idea to tag because maybe someone else also would like to see all those recipes! A couple times you provided instructions which I thought was great. Italian beef stew does sound wonderful. I have not made stew for a long time but back when I cooked more I did great on that dish.

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        1. One thinks of stew as a winter dish but really why not summer – it’s all stove top so no oven heat-up. I was thinking this morning if I could substitute pork for the beef – I mean we make pork chops pizzaiola – not so different from stew.

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  3. We can get Musselman’s products around here, but I have to admit I haven’t bought any in years. Now, of course, I’ll need to look when I go to the grocery store. I loved cinnamon toast when I was a girl. Haven’t made that in ages either. You’re making me hungry here.

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    1. Did you do cinnamon toast with apple butter or just toast and butter and cinnamon? I’m the only one in the house who ate the apple butter, my mother probably bought it by accident (instead of prune and apricot butter which she needed to make hamantaschen) and I glommed onto it – fond food memory!


        1. Prune and apricot butter is called lekvar and is used for cookies and hamantaschen and such – it’s very thick and kinda chunky. I suppose the place to find it in a grocery store would be the kosher section. Tho I see via google there are many recipes to make it yourself. My mother never used it for anything other than baking.

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  4. I was a fan of cinnamon toast when I was a kid! Butter, sugar and cinnamon on toast. I had it again a few years ago and it wasn’t as good as I remembered. Maybe I should try it with apple butter! Your stories of Italian food always makes me wants some.

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    1. We didn’t do toast/butter/sugar/cinnamon. we did white bread, butter, sugar. I was the only one who did toast/apple butter, cinnamon. Guess what I’m having for dinner tonite?

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  5. I haven’t had apple butter in years. My aunt used to make her own. Now I’m going to be craving it. We sell it at the store I work at but I have no idea which brand. I’m tempted to buy some but I know I’ll eat it once and my craving will be satisfied.

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