Older, no wiser

I think it was Sunday that I added a widget in the footer that invited readers to subscribe to this blog via email. I posted a note to that effect on my FB book page and since then I think four friends, all long time readers of my numerous blogs (I’ve changed blog names and platforms more times than Carter has liver pills) have subscribed. Which I think is just lovely. Well, they’re lovely people, so why wouldn’t it be.

My darling Lisa commented on that post – “I don’t want to miss a word of your insightfulness.”

And that’s what’s been bothering me these past many months. I used to write insightful posts. My Blogger blog is still there with posts I have deemed worthy of saving from these past 20 years (actually some need to be deleted because of missing photos – but never mind that for the moment).

I don’t think there is much here, on this blog, that is insightful – oh yes some of the re-posts, as it were and certainly the poetry – both old and new. But nothing like I used to write, and I’m wondering why.

Perhaps, older and wiser means you give up banging your head against the wall. Age brings enough new physical pain, why add more psychic pain. Perhaps one just gets tired of repeating the lessons learned of a lifetime of “Oops – did it again” and hoping someone might take heed. It is true that one has to learn the hard way – experience life for themselves – only way to really learn, take it in, make a change.

And then today Ally Bean asked “How will you know when it’s time to end your blog?”

And my answer to that is: when they pry my keyboard from my cold dead hands.

I often think of my blog the way Emily Dickinson described her poetry, if that isn’t too presumptuous of me, This is My Letter to the World”

I too live an isolated existence and my blog, and readers comments, are my only interaction with the world. Oh, yes there are the clerks in the grocery store. And the medical professionals. But truly, how much of those exchanges are of any meaningful import? None. They are merely informational or polite civility – nothing more.

So, like Emily, I hope you will judge me tenderly. Because I’m still here, and here I will stay.

25 thoughts on “Older, no wiser

  1. And speaking for myself, it may simply be a case of “filled in that square.” I, too, who thought I would never forsake blogging, have pondered the question, Why have I (nearly) forsaken it? I still love to write but like everything else it takes longer and comes less fluently. But don’t you despair, Dear Friend, for I am much older than you. So keep on keeping on!

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    1. Oh but David you write the best stories! And you are so wise and so witty! I do love Uncle Jep.

      It’s not so much that I love to write, and I don’t really write stories like you do, it’s just a long standing habit of writing things down to I can go back and try to understand myself or whatever is going on in my mind…


    1. That’s pretty much it for me, except for the weeks I have groceries delivered then it’s no one – my husband doesn’t count (in more ways than anyone can imagine. I was up at 7 this morning and uttered not a word until half past 10!).

      Oh I was going to post this as a comment on your blog re: your post from Monday. There was an article in today’s Washington Post Health & Science Section Calling mental health workers, not police, to deal with mental health crises It’s on a similar topic.

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  2. I didn’t know how long you’d been blogging, but clearly It’s something that you were and are meant to do. As for being insightful, I only recently found you so I cannot say, but with a hat tip to Emily D I will judge you tenderly. Thanks for the link to my blog post.

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    1. I think I started back on Livejournal in the early 2000’s – the earliest blog post I have saved is from 2005 LOL No, aside from a few old re-posted pieces nothing insightful here.

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    1. Ah, thanks! I have dentures and they make me lisp which makes me NOT want to talk. With my own teeth I had a sibilant S but NOT a lisp – I speak better with no teeth in LOL Perhaps I’ll just take them out if I want to do an audio…

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        1. I’m just kidding – dentures are funny (Now – go brush your teeth, don’t forget to floss and make a dentist’s appointment of you’ll wind up like me a lisping old woman 🤪)

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  3. Ah, but what you deem to be lacking insightfulness, may be insightful to those of use who count you as a mentor, friend, sage and family! Anything you have to say, whether mundane, ordinary or extraordinary is important to us because you are important to us. You are valued and worthy of being appreciated. Please don’t ever silence that voice inside. You know the universe may just be sending you to the right person at the right time, with the right message that needs to be heard. To help them, or perhaps to even help you!

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    1. You are wiser than me my little grasshopper LOL Honestly you say the sweetest things to me which always make me cry – good cry – but still – how did I get so lucky to have you as a friend?


  4. I loved hearing you read that poem! And I always enjoy what you write too. Your stories, your history, your perspective – all of it teaches me, inspires me or entertains me. I love it all! Love you too, Grace!

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  5. Lol, I too haven’t been interacting with other humans besides work (online), and to be fair, I actually enjoy things this way. Am not really one to socialise, but we all have our own traits, eh? Anyway, wishing you all the best, and I love the Emily Dickinson piece you shared!

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    1. Hello Stuart Danker! I’ve been living in social isolation for going on 12 years now and it sucks! I’m what they call an ambivert – an extroverted introvert – back in the old days when I was young there would be weekends when I would lock my apartment door, take the phone off the hook and revel in the quiet and aloneness – it was necessary after the hectic life I lived – now that’s every day of my life – Phooey!

      Emily Dickinson is my second favorite poet – someone once tried to insult me by criticizing my poetry saying I wrote like Emily Dickinson – what a fool that person was – Such a compliment, I should be even one-quarter as good as she was!


      1. Wow that’s such an amazing reply. I myself actually respect the way Emily Dickinson viewed her craft. It was something she did out of pure passion and nothing else. It’s so rare to find a writer like that. And look what she’d produced! Loved reading your thoughts.

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        1. I view comments as a conversation, even an extension of my posts. There have been times when the comments were more interesting than the original post! Of course I need interesting people reading, and making interesting comments. So thanks for giving me something to reply to.


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