Trash away, trash away, trash away all…


Today is trash away day. A little perk by our condo board whereby once a year they pay our trash pick-up company, appropriately called ‘Trash Away’,  to bring trucks so people can get rid of their unwanted items that have been clogging their storage units and apartments.

Unfortunately the trucks are right under our windows and the motor is kept running, so it’s going to be a noisy morning for us. They are here from 9am until Noon. Starting at Noon they will go floor to floor and pick up the really big and bulky items that people can’t wrestle down to the parking lot themselves – like sofas and stuff. Another nice perk.

We have dumped: a huge picture frame with glass and the last of the cat accessories – a huge cat tree that doesn’t come apart, a huge (HUGE) litter box, a huge hard plastic cat carrier, a pet stroller. The rugs will be picked up by the trash away people – I suppose I could use my industrial luggage carrier to get them downstairs myself but what the hell – that’s why they send big, burly young men to help us old feeble folks.

Our storage  unit now holds: 2 medical walkers, 1 medical shower chair, 3 under-the-bed storage boxes, one small suitcase, a small ladder, 2 standing floor fans, a folding shelf thingy (folded of course), 2 small kitchen trash cans and one small coffee pot (you just never know when a coffee pot will break and one can’t be without coffee – so it’s the emergency back up.)

I don’t doubt that I could go through our tools and accessories boxes and clear those out – but those are small things that can be got rid of anytime. I really have to go through my husband’s clothes and get rid of great gooey gobs of stuff but those would have to go somewhere as donations. All of his work clothes can be gotten rid of – suits, sports jackets, dress shirts and his ties – Oh My – his gorgeous fabulous ties! And then there are the sweatshirts and hoodies that are all souvenirs from various places we’ve been – never worn.

Interesting thing about my husbands clothes is that they are a special size – the ties are extra long, his suits, pants, sports jackets are all custom tailored and his tuxedo is bespoke. My husband is 6’6″ tall with a long torso – he even has size 15 dress shoes in excellent condition. Someone somewhere would be glad of having these. Aside from his tux and maybe one sport jacket, I think they could all go. But – we have empty closets so I’m guessing these will stay for awhile.

A sad Saturday in its way – no physical evidence that we lived with cats for 3/4 of our lives. I miss living with cats and I miss Miss Frankie Lulu Belle so much – we still cry every time one of us mentions her. I could not miss a human more than I miss her.

16 thoughts on “Trash away, trash away, trash away all…

  1. Trash Away day is an incredible perk! I can imagine it feels so good getting rid of all that stuff. I know other cities offer bulk trash days but of course not here so getting rid of bulky items is difficult and expensive.

    I understand the heartache and sadness from losing Miss Frankie. We’re coming up on the 9th anniversary of losing Sadie and tears still flow the instant I think of her. We miss her terribly.

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    1. In the US, most municipalities, city, town, county, have trash/recycling services that are paid for via your local property taxes. They even provide the wheelie bins and recycle bins. They will even pick up large items, electronics, household appliances etc by appointment. In the Fall there are special leaf pick-ups. BUT these services are not available to businesses or apartment buildings. Businesses and apartment buildings have to contract with private trash hauling companies. My building has 249 apartments and the trash is picked up every day. There are still some places in the US where there is only a town dump and you have to bring your garbage there yourself, no pick up from in front of your house – I expect those are in rural areas. Also there are ‘junk’ pick-up companies like “1-800-JUNK” or “College Hunks Haul Junk” – that’s a real company, we hired them when we had some furniture to get rid of. I expect in the UK there are such companies.


      1. We do have wheelie bins, but larger items we have to store round the side of the house until someone has use of a bigger vehicle to get it to the dump. Or the council (authority) will pick it up but they charge.

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  2. I can relate to missing the pets more than humans Grace. I still become very sadl at times when l think of Scrappy and Dora, both of my beautiful girls taken, and sadly l couldn’t say a decent goodbye to either of them ……… even with closure it’s hard to let go and move on.

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    1. I’ve had a lot of pets throughout my life – but I was always able to soothe my hurt of losing them by getting another to love – not this time, not that any could take Frankie’s place but still, another cat to love – but I can’t physically take care of another cat, can’t provide the proper care and at my age – not fair.

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      1. I can understand that also. I would love another dog, but as lovely as it may be, it’ll never replace Scrappy/Dora – they were two very unique companions, we were a family for many years.

        I have toyed with getting another, but at this moment l don’t want the responsibility just yet. Because pets like cats and dogs are a huge responsibility.

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        1. And it’s that responsibility that keeps me from getting another cat – even a senior cat might outlive me and then there is getting to a vet and other practical matters I just can’t handle anymore.

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          1. Precisely, it’s a huge undertaking.

            Over here, we saw a rise on the pet front of dogs and cats being taken on and in by new owners due to the pandemic keeping people at home … and in recent weeks l have read articles about people dumping cats and dogs in shelters as they return to work … it’s that lack of care and ‘responsibility’ that comncerns me greatly with people. Pets are like children, and in many ways pets require more responsible thinking from people.

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  3. I’m impressed that your crew will go floor to floor to collect big items. That’s really very accommodating. We’re slowly getting rid of things. I know how odd it was to let go of the cat stuff. Ours died and at first I thought we’d get another one, but eventually we decided not to. It was so final when I said good-bye to the cat dishes and litter box.

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    1. Part of the contracted services – last year because of Covid, trash day was cancelled so this year there was a lot of activity LOL. The condo also pays extra for a once-a-year shred event as well. Oddly enough it costs the condo board less for these special trash days than it does for just one pick-up from a haul away company – we had to get rid of a bed and some other furniture and paid close to $300 to ‘College Hunks Haul Junk’ . I think our trash company charges by the hour and the number of trucks needed. So maybe $300-$400 for the whole building to get rid of their junk. Every apartment gets a free storage unit (on the same floor as your apartment) and because we have one of the larger units we have quite a large storage unit which is now half empty.

      I was able to get rid of most of Frankie’s stuff because it was small enough to go in the regular trash but she had one cat tree that was big and heavy and didn’t come apart – it’s been sitting in a corner of the dining area and haunting me these past 5 months…

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    1. There are a lot of perks to living in a condo apartment building and this one is brilliantly run – I would still rather live in a single family house and if not that, a different condo building – despite all the marvelous things at this one there are two major drawbacks – location and no in-unit laundry – these drawbacks are killing me!


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