17 thoughts on “Silly Stuff

  1. I loved hearing you tawk and tell that story! I could picture it all! i saw your post about cutting up a rug but don’t ask and I so wanted to ask! I’m glad you shared the story by tawking. I loved it so much I listened to it twice (so far)!

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  2. I am goofy too and enjoyed hearing you on audio. Rug gate lol. Here we “take out the rubbish” and then the “bin men” collect them. Or at least what I say anyway to reference it lol. I didn’t know you could upload audio here so I’ll have to look into that as something I would give a go too.

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    1. It’s better than those vlogs I’ve done – I don’t like having my face all over the place and the sound is a tad better – actually I got the idea from you – I have an old mp3 player, turns out you can record on those things! Who knew!

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      1. Haha, yeah! It’s an easy process. And wordpress does not have a problem with mp3 player recordings …but it doesn’t like the audio from an app like Samsung Voice Recorder. I have not figured that one out yet. But I don’t care because the mp3 recording feature works just fine for me.

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    1. Thanks. When I’m posting silly stuff I like to be able to ‘tawk’ it rather than type it…MacGyvering seems to be an odd talent but I have it – making do with what you have, and seeing the potential in things – when my husband fractured his femur a couple of years ago I had to MacGyver like crazy to take care of him without help – I was so proud of myself.

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  3. This is the best story about ‘pulling the rug out’ I’ve heard in ages. Granted you didn’t fail, but the saying popped into my head. I can only imagine how heavy that platform bed is. They look great, but clearly there’s a dark side to them too. You did great outsmarting the bed.

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    1. I gotta tell ya removing a huge rug by cutting it into little pieces is not the best way to go – first cut around the edge of the bed, then cut around the legs of the bed – what I hadn’t taken in account when I started was how the heck I was going to get under the bed to cut the rug into pieces. But – Aha – thank goodness the Harry Potter books were so big ’cause propping the legs up on those was the final trick to success!

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