Well that bites

I had written 3/4 of a post, it was a tad convoluted, but then isn’t everything I write, and I accidentally clicked ‘undo’ and the post disappeared! And it had not autosaved as a draft and I’ll be damned if I’m going to retype all that mishegoss.

It wasn’t all that interesting anyway, trust me *sigh*

I have to go finish cutting up a 9×12 rug with a utility knife. Don’t ask…

14 thoughts on “Well that bites

    1. If I had two strong young men available I could just move the furniture, well the bed, and then just roll up the rug and dispose of it. I have no idea how the heck I am going to be able to access underneath the bed.It’s nightmare!


    1. Especially since a) I hate to type b) none of my domestic adventures are simple and straight forward and every damn thing has a backstory so every damn thing is convoluted and looong – just to recount one little thing…and…yadda yadda yadda

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      1. I used to type stuff up in a word document first. Then copy and paste. Fairly good method. I no longer do this because most of the shit I post, personally, is not worth a word doc backup. 😆

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    1. If it is a long well thought out post I write in OpenOffice, export as an html document and then just copy and paste into the classic editor code option – this was going to be short, turned out to be a bit long and since I will never get used to WP editors and other assorted thingys – whoosh – good-bye post!

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        1. Nobody likes that stupid thing – using Open Office I discovered, as I said, that I could export a document as html, then once it is copied and pasted I can do whatever I want as far as formatting because – hello! html coding. I’ve been working with computers for 50 years now – I like code!


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