I am angry
And in my anger

A woman, grown old
but a child still,
in shadows and silent.

I want to be loud
Shout out
Hear me, See me.

But I don’t exist
as me. Just
a place for you

To lay your life.
To have me be
a sponge, a sop

For all you are
And have been.

© Grace St. Clair 2021
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Just for fun, I’m entering this into Open Link Night at dVerse

29 thoughts on “WIP

  1. Yeah but this whole thing is potent and difficult because it really hits home over here. Maybe in a little different way, but similar enough to fold me in half. And so I am hoping tomorrow is better for you…but I feel useless even saying that. Because I know exactly how useless it is when other people comment on my blog posts when I am in the depths of my angry personal shit.

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    1. Thank you. ‘Useless’ comments like ‘hoping tomorrow is better for you’ are welcome when they come from people you KNOW really care. They are just annoying when they are knee-jerk reactions from people who don’t matter to you because you know you don’t really matter to them.

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  2. Oh wow, this is really saddening. It’s horrible how people can drain the life out of you for themselves. I resonate with this too:

    “I am angry
    And in my anger

    A woman, grown old
    but a child still,
    lost and lonely.”

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    1. Thank you. I suspect some people who know me think they know what or who I am referring to and they would be wrong – at least initially because after I read it I though “Wow – that could be about ____” It needs work – one line needs to be rewritten.

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  3. Not many words but it says so much! Very impactful poem, Grace. I’m sorry you were/are feeling anger but you made it beautiful.

    I clicked that link. What happens when you enter your poem there?

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    1. It’s like the old blog hops on Blogger, remember them? Instead of cat pics this is poetry…That link takes you to the originating post, and everyone gets to read other people’s poetry.

      I wrote that poem so quickly, as fast as I could type – no pen and paper which is my usual. It just popped out as a whole thing. WIP means work in progress – there is one line that needs to be redone.


    1. I think writing is always for pleasing ourselves – there is that lovely quote by Cyril Connolly – ““Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.”


  4. Anger comes out here that’s for sure. I want to shout….SHOUT! One of the great things I’ve found about journaling and writing poetry is that it lets feelings out. Sometimes I finish writing and just stare at the page and wonder, where did that come from??? Other times, it’s an absolute release to read the words that have spilled out onto the page.
    Thanks for sharing here at dVerse!

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  5. Grace,
    Your poem is the perfect example of why poetry is the perfect place to express anger, because you do it perfectly, finding its root cause, packing in your frustration and pain, identifying the alienation, and doing it all with words that focus and in some way heals. Reading this reminded me acutely of those times I felt the same way, just never expressed it so well.

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  6. Perhaps where others read anger, I was drawn to the lines, “But I don’t exist as me, just a place for you to lay your life,” and I think you said more in those lines than many say in an entire poem. Keep being you ~peace, Jason

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