A productive day

Today was cold and rainy, yesterday was cold and rainy and we have about 2 or 3 more of these coming up – I mean the cool and rainy part.

Most mornings I just kinda futz around until 11:30 or so when I have to start cooking. After lunch I continue to futz after I’ve cleaned up the kitchen. Sometimes before  –  Eat lunch, futz, clean the kitchen. Anyway – late afternoon I fluff the bed and do some tidying up, wiping down, dusting – or not. Sometimes I only do the bed fluffing.

Today, after the usual morning of futzing and cooking and eating and futzing and kitchen cleaning-

– I cleaned both bathrooms which included scrubbing the hell out of the shower.

– I futzed

– I cleaned all the mirrors and took down most of the framed art work and cleaned the frames and the glass, I washed a wall (don’t ask!)

– I futzed.

– I’m typing this and then I will fluff the bed, then I will


18 thoughts on “A productive day

  1. Congrats, Grace. I am a huge neat freak, but the one thing I hate cleaning is a shower or tub. The smell of bleach or other harsh chemicals and the odd bending angles. And the fact that you kinda have to hurry since you’re using chemicals you shouldn’t be breathing too long. I tend to put this task off for weeks or months until I am positively disgusted with myself. If I live with someone else, I do all the cleaning and the only chore they have is bath / shower. Haha.
    I like this word “futz”
    Futz Futz Futz! Beautiful.
    I believe that I have become a highly talented futz-er.
    I also think that I am at least 30 years younger and therefore I need to start moving my ass a little more earlier and often until I have a better excuse. Like retirement :).
    In my case getting a job is going to help with that. Right now I am in vax recovery mode.
    I woke up and wrote you a book here.
    I am ready for the video puppet show whenever you get around to posting it.

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    1. I don’t use harsh chemical or chemicals of any kind. I use Bon Ami and an eco-friendly tea tree oil shower cleaner and Windex water and vinegar cleaner and Mrs. Meyer’s all surface cleaner, lemon verbena scent. I also have this scrubber thingy on a stick LOL So I use some or all of them. But my back bathroom (the one sort of attached to the master bedroom) is super teeny tiny and after they took out the tub and put in a walk-in shower it got teenier so the thing on a stick is essential but I did get down on my hands and knees anyway to clean some more. Getting up was a problem tho. So – yeah, you’re what – 41? I’ll be 75 in October. I’ve never been a morning person, I don’t know how I survived the 9-5 life for all those years (including school!) I usually get an energy burst late in the afternoon and that’s when I do most of my chores.

      You’re up early. I didn’t get to sleep until after 3am – got up at 7:30-ish and I’m tired and cranky and achy and of course it’s Sunday so my husband is ready to do the heavy cleaning – despite being retired he holds on to the old working schedule of major housework on Sunday morning *sigh* But – since I worked my butt off yesterday all I have to do is the breakfast cups and coffee pot and wash the kitchen floor Yay! Plus – since today is Sunday – Pizza for lunch. Double Yay!

      I’ve discovered that I get a lot more done when I tackle one project, then rest (ot futz) and then on to the next. Sounds like it might take more time but in the long run comes out about the same as doing chores full-tilt boogie.

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      1. I’ve used vinegar and baking soda in the past. Seems like bleach powder or paste works better. I live in a mildew mold zone ya see. I am also an early evening person. Same – I do 9 to 5 when I must, but it’s not ideal. I am up early because I went to sleep at 6 or 7 last night. Sorry that you had such shit sleep. I know how that one goes. 3 am is rough. Are you a napper? I have never been a napper and I envy those who can remedy sleep deprivation with a nap.

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        1. No, not a napper – my husband has his regularly scheduled naps and we have to plan our errands around his naps *sigh* He also has severe COPD so his snoring/gasping is what keeps me up most nights exacerbated by my Will Not Shut Up brain.

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            1. I’ve been out of it all afternoon, I did read your posts and now they are gone before I had a chance to comment – I hope you well, managed to find a way to “calm your nerves” as a friend used to tell me. 💜

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              1. I appreciate that. Yeah, when I am insecure and unstable the posts get deleted even faster than normal. But I know you’re around and I appreciate you! The vaccine side affect bullshit lauched me into latent moodiness. I am now wishing I had got the Johnson&Johnson one shot deal that people seem to be handling better! But hey – we get what we get, and it may be better for me as early as tomorrow. We’ll see.

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                1. It’s Monday morning, I’ve been up since 6:30, done the laundry, slept fairly well last night, kept waking up every 1.5 hours then falling right back into sleep – so that was sorta a good thing…I hope you are weller today.

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  2. This post sent me to Google for two reasons. One, I wanted to know the origin of futz, because it sounded Yiddish (apparently it’s derived from a Yiddish word). My Jewish roommate back in the day told me Yiddish was a great language because the words always sound like what they mean.

    I also had to look up fluffing the bed.

    I’m impressed with the amount of cleaning. Futzing is at least as necessary as cleaning.

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    1. I first typed ‘putz’ and then decided that not everyone understands Yiddish and then the first definition of putz is a) derogatory (that guy is such a putz) and b) a slang term for penis. The secondary meaning is along the lines of just, ya know, futzing around LOL I’m from New Yawk, and I’m old, so naturally Yiddish is a big part of my language. Plus – my mother spoke fluent Yiddish. When she would yell at us in English we pretty much ignored her, when she yelled at us in Italian we paid attention and would be on our guard, when she yelled at us in Yiddish we ran for the hills (so to speak).

      Since you mentioned it, I too looked up fluffing the bed – actually as I do is ‘make’ the bed. I just call it fluffing because – well, because I do LOL

      I’ve just always found it better, for me, to pace out the chores – do some, futz, do some more, futz. I get less tired and bored that way and you would be amazed how much gets done in a not very long period of time.

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