How to piss away several hours

I decided to make a quick vlog. That done I decided I needed to edit it. I uploaded it to iMovie and that’s when the headaches began. iMovie used to be so easy-peasy to use but after several upgrades and whatevers it is now impossible to use – at least for me and I’m no dummy when it comes to this stuff.

Then I looked online for free video editors and I quickly decided I didn’t want to waste time with them. When I tried iMovie I wound up making another video but had to cut it short and then I tried to edit itย but like the first video all I was doing was getting frustrated.

I did manage to trim the video in Quicktime, then I upgraded my Vimeo account, uploaded it there and here is the pathetic result.

Enjoy (HA!) (Oh, and I am so going to buy a lapel mic, there is such an echo in this room.)

12 thoughts on “How to piss away several hours

    1. Thank you. But…Youtube adds all those crap ads and other unrelated videos to YOUR video. There was a time when you could chose not to have that but no more – gotta make that money. This video does not a smooth ending because I had to trim about 2.5 minutes off of it and iMovie is just a major headache, I used to make really nifty videos with transitions, and fade in and outs, and sound – all sorts of cool things – now I just don’t have the patience to try to figure out how to do all that with the *koff* *koff* new and improved iMovie. So if you know of a free movie editor that has a few bells and whistles, let me know.

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      1. The best free movie editor is called Lightworks, but it’s complicated to use (it’s a serious bit of kit). My daughter learned how to use it for her college course, and my other half learned it to make story book readings for the infant school she works at during lockdown.

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  1. When I was in grade 7, I got a retainer. It took me a while to figure out how to talk with the stupid thing. I have this very clear memory of being at school and the teacher asking who the secretary-general of the United Nations was,. Somehow, I knew it was Perez de Cuellar, but there was no way I was going to manage to say that name without spraying saliva everywhere and probably having the retainer come flying out and land on someone’s desk. I was disappointed I didn’t get to show off my knowledge, though.

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    1. And that’s pretty much what my dentures are like – these big bulky u-shaped things that clip into posts in my gums…it’s a whole lot of extra crap in your mouth that you have to talk around…Hate them!

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  2. Sorry you had so much trouble with editing the video but I’m really glad you still uploaded it! I love your vlogs and hearing you tawk! Who knew your hands tawk too! This made my day!

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    1. Anything I can do to help LOL But yeah, my hands just needed to talk to each other – I have no idea where this shit comes from….


  3. This is delightful ๐Ÿ˜Š. It’s nice to meet the human behind the words. The thing about your hands talking to each other cracked me up ๐Ÿ˜†. I’m sorry about the dentures. That sounds like a real pain in the ass. For what it’s worth, they look great.

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    1. Aww, thanks. My hands have a life of their own – perhaps that’s why I like hand puppets? It was an odd sensation but then…odd is just how I am, more and more as I get older. It’s fun.

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