I woke up tired this morning

because I was up and down all night with horrible leg cramps. I never get leg cramps during the day just at night. I asked the snotty bitch PA I used to go to what I could do about it and she said “Well you say it’s been going on a long time so just live with it” Bitch. God I hated that girl SO much. I eventually switched to a real doctor in the same practice, also a female, also, it turned out, another snotty bitch.  Sexism, ageism – it’s a real thing in the medical world.

Even tired I was in a fairly decent mood, humming Mellow Yellow, but then clicked over to Facebook and my feed was an ad every other post. OK, I’m not active on FB, I have 12 friends and I follow a cat blog or two – I mean that’s it. But the ads were really offensive to me, and most of them were also totally irrelevant – I mean totally – I started reporting the ads and hiding them but more and more just kept popping up, it really pissed me off.

Instagram is owned by FB and if you use it with your phone you get all the same gross ads as on FB. But I usually look at IG on my computer or iPad – no ads, no suggestions. Just cute cat photos and videos.

So I made lunch, read for a while, played this totally stupid game and there went the afternoon. Got back on the computer, read a blog or two (Melissa WP won’t let me comment…just tellin’ ya…) then went over to FB to see what crap my “friends” have posted and god damn it all to hell – more and more disgusting annoying ads – it just made me so angry.

So I deactivated my Facebook account. I don’t expect anyone will miss me – I occasionally put a link to the blog there and that’s it – I only have the stupid thing to keep in touch with Miss Lisa and her family.

It just annoyed the fucking shit out of me and now I am in a foul mood, plus I’m hungry but I don’t really want to eat because – meh – food, eating, PITA.

It’s 6:20 pm right this very minute, I still have to fluff the bed, then maybe watch a House Hunter’s International and then…I don’t know have a cup a tea and keep my husband company while he watches stupid tv shows…

This is my life – it sucks. Ain’t nobody’s fault but my own…

If I had a backyard I would go out there and eat worms…

15 thoughts on “I woke up tired this morning

  1. Ageism and sexism indeed! Not a lot of empathy either. Bleah.

    I deleted Facebook today. Surely there can be other ways to communicate with people I care about . . . the company is sketchy and I hated the amount of time I spent on it. Instagram is more low key.

    Hope tonight is better and that you eat something (PITA though it may be).

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      1. Yes — I started to delete wts posts and then ran out of focus.

        I miss you, too. I *just* stopped working on Saturdays and have a more defined work week (M-Th seeing clients in person, Fridays for administrative stuff, clean up, and recovery), which I am hoping, if this weekend is any indication, means I can be in better touch with the people I care about (like you!). And maybe I can start writing more, though that will likely have to wait until the others in my house are back at physical school and work. Plus subtract all that FB time… I’m glad it wasn’t a time suck for you. I don’t know why it was for me.

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        1. Ah, yes! A predictable schedule, a little more space both physical and mental…a good thing. I just never much saw the point to FB but remember oh so many years ago when you and Holly and I would spend time exchanging song videos?


  2. Just live with it? WTF? How do they think this is okay? What about those with arteries blocked? Just live with it?

    I’m sitting on the deck and you popped in my head so I opened FB to see if you posted something but saw you were gone and now I know why. You were missed although I’m glad you’re still blogging foul mood and all!

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    1. Well it seems my West Coast pals are right sharpish today – both you and Jen seemed to have arrived here at the same time! You’ll just have to email me with updates – and photos and whatever…or bookmark this page some way or another or…I’ll move.

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  3. Damn, that PA should have been fired. I get leg cramps if I don’t move enough. For me I believe it’s an underactive thyroid thing. I take a pill every day, but my belief is that a hormone pill does not solve everything. I mean I will never be the same again, etc. I am long winded here, but I do have a point coming. Epsom salt baths. You ever tried it? I don’t use just 2 cups per bathtub. I use half the bag or more. I set a timer and force myself to stay in there for 15 minutes. I don’t know if it would help your leg cramps because I don’t know the source of it. But it sure helps mine. So I thought I would mention it.

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    1. I think it’s a spine/nerve thing. Baths are like smoothies for me – I don’t do them LOL I don’t even have a bathtub in my apartment, had it taken out and a nice double walk-in shower put in. I can stay in the shower for hours, submerge my body in water? Not gonna happen, plus sit in dirty water – No. But thanks for thinking of me…

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  4. Just live with it? Fuck that shit. Bitch needs a slap upside the head.

    Online advertising can be creepy as hell. Sometimes I know I’m being shown something because I had visited that website and it left a cookie that I could delete. What’s creepier is when I got shown things that are related to sites I’ve visited. I’m sure Youtube serves up ads based on what I’ve Google searched, but with other sites I really don’t know how they know what they know. Pinterest is the only social media-type thing I use now. They used to only show ads on mobile, but now they do just as much on laptop. There’s just no escaping them…

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    1. I used to have a sense of humor about it – as in Hah, FB I’m an old retired person I’ve got all the time in the world to hide and report all your stupid ads but today it just got on my last nerve, it was relentless, as I was scrolling down my very limited feed, and hiding ads, another 2 would pop up just like the ones I had reported. It was like a spite contest. Usually that works and it will be at least a week before the ads start again but nooo, today, just a few hours later more ads than there were actual posts! Fuck that shit, bye-bye FB…(Look how much I’m cursing here – I don;t normally do that LOL)

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