Some people binge watch,

I binge read – which is what I’ve been doing for the past 3 days and will continue to do for another day or so – Sparing a few moments here and there to delete emails, read a few blogs, and then back to the books.

I did watch a movie last night – “The Dig” don’t think my husband enjoyed it, I did. First movie I’ve watched in months…

Gotta go now…

12 thoughts on “Some people binge watch,

  1. I loved “The Dig”. I’ve been to the British Museum many times over the years, and seen the Sutton Hoo burial artifacts – they are incredible, when you see them first-hand. I love that the original archeologist is finally being given the credit he deserved – a similar thing happened with the discovery of dinosaurs, where the establishment (and the church) pretty successfully re-wrote history for decades.

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  2. This has nothing to do with anything written here, except that I finally did the detective work to figure out where you were blogging these days. So . . . hello!

    We also watched The Dig — after watching several seasons of Time Team, it felt familiar-ish (at least the digging parts). But yes, for the most part it was about the people and their relationships.

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    1. Jennifer Juniper…dah da da da dah…I always sing that song in my head when talking to you – the lyrics don’t really have anything to do with you – just the name and the ambiance of it…Anyway. Sweet lady not hard to find the blog since I post it on my FB page…I had to look up Time Team, sounds like something I would like (I’m sure G would be bored to death…) Poor Peggy, took about a minute to figure out what was wrong with her marriage…You’ve been quiet, I trust all is well and with the loosening up of things social you are gaining some equilibrium…

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      1. For a minute I was confusing your G with my G! Time Team is definitely interesting and there are some characters on there, too. And I am glad that Peggy had an alternative…

        I deactivated my Facebook account in . . . early March? I don’t really want to get pulled back into it, though I then miss out on things like your blog and some of the various and sundry interactions.

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        1. I thought you might have but your name still shows up on my friends list and that list on the right hand side that shows people status…


    1. Nothing literary or highbrow LOL a detective series that has grown to 52 books, I’ve read the last 20 or so but don’t ever recall reading the first ones…the plots aren’t all that but the characters are so very very interesting.


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