7:25pm – Friday – Shadows on the wall

Shadows and reflections are my favorite images. Friday night, 7:25pm – winds gusting to 55mph, the sun setting and throwing light…

The bedroom – this part of the apartment is in an alcove of the building with a 5-story holly tree outside, branches touching the window. The bed is already dressed in it’s Summer yellow…


The middle room aka my office – same time, curtains closed – you would never know those curtains are a cream color, would you? The material is called voile – interesting I think – 


Curtains on the left, On the right, the shadows of the curtains…took me a second to sort that out…


(Do you have any idea how many songs are titled “Shadows on the Wall” or some variation thereof? Too many, and most were meh to dreadful. I’ll stick with the Statler Brothers, Flowers on the Wall)

10 thoughts on “7:25pm – Friday – Shadows on the wall

    1. Despite living in the East Wing of the building my windows face NW so we got lots and lots of afternoon/evening light. Our apartment overlooks the the outdoor parking lot which is bordered by trees on 3 sides and rolling lawns and trees on the open side… really lovely if you don’t look down LOL

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  1. Lovely captures. I find shadow and reflection photos interesting too. We have light images around our house at certain times of year and it’s fun when they pop up again year after year.

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    1. I love the light we get through our windows – it’s an apartment so windows only run along one side but – our living/dining area is 22 feet wide with 17.5 feet of window! That’s a lot of light – a whole wall full. I’ve lived here long enough that I am getting inured to the light and the view – I just sit and enjoy it, when I first moved here I photographed it constantly.


    1. The first photo of the bedroom I think is really good and it is kind of warm and cozy, isn’t it? Plus maybe you can smell my new lavender essential oil I have going on in the bedroom LOL (Did you check out the Friday post – “We’re not afraid of color”?)


  2. Those pictures of the shadows reminded me of the house my Grandparents lived in – we would stay over sometimes, and I remember watching the sunshine through the curtains on the wall after waking up.

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    1. Lovely. The master bedroom is in an alcove of the building so most of it is protected from prying eyes so the somewhat sheer curtains allow a lot of light in, and I do love waking in the morning to the soft light and the first thing I see is the outline of the tree and the first thing I hear is a cacophony of bird song…


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