We’re not afraid of color here

The only nickname I ever had was Gypsy. And the only person who ever used it was my father. It seems as soon as I could recognize different colors I loved them all. When allowed, I wore them all, at the same time. Nowadays I jokingly say my apartment is decorated Ringling Brothers style. (For those of you outside the USA, Ringling Brothers is a reference to a famous circus.)

You’ve already seen my glitter curtains. Now you’ve got to see my new side table – it’s teal. Not too blue and not too green, a perfect shade of teal. I bought it because I wanted to put an essential oil diffuser in my living room and there was no place for it. As the fates would have it when I took the the diffuser out of the closet it turned out to be the exact same shade of teal. How’s that for a crazy coincidence, that thing has been in the back of the closet for years.

Lest you think my husband is either color blind or very indulgent, since this is his home too, I consult him on all my crazy color choices and wacky home décor. He is an active participant.


My diffuser oil of choice is lavender. I am passionate about lavender essential oil and I send lavender scented gifts to my friends, especially when I notice they are getting a little stressed. I’m all about the purple – any shade but pinky-purple – don’t like that one.  I have a diffuser in the bedroom and over the last few years I’ve gone through a lot of different brands of lavender essential oil. I was not well pleased with any of them.

I wear Lavandre cologne from L’Occitane and they do sell lavender essential oil but for some reason I’ve never bought it from them.  I found a new source of lavender oil and as luck would have it (again with the luck!) my new table and the lavender oil came on the same day and I was able to set up the table and the diffuser in short order. (If you look closely you might see the mist). I’ve got to say it smells divine. It was packaged well, so no spills and the price is quite reasonable.

Oh, the table. It is SOLID wood, no assembly required, it was made in the USA, and I bought it from Target of all places, on sale no less. Talk about luck and fate and stars aligning!

So, just in case you want to do some shopping I’m going to put links to all these products/companies. No, I am NOT any kind of “associate” and I do NOT get compensated for sharing this information. I’m just a nice person who likes to share good stuff when I find it.

Happy clicking! (These are US based links. And they should open in a new window/tab – just sayin’)


Revive Essential Oils

Target – Powell company side table, the Powell company does not sell directly to the public, a list of retailers who carry their furniture is HERE.

11 thoughts on “We’re not afraid of color here

  1. I love the colour of that table!

    I get my essential oils from Saje, a Canadian company. I got a little too enthusiastic trying to clean my diffuser laster year, so now it decides on its own whether to turn on or not. Sometimes it even turns on without me doing anything to it.

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    1. A rogue diffuser! I was buying from various seller’s on Amazon and once the packaging was so bad the whole bottle had leaked out – I’m sure the postal workers were pleased with that. Another time the quality was just off – smelled godawful. Lavender oil can smell a bit sharp I’m thinking of researching for another oil I can combine with the lavender to soften it yet keep the soothing properties.

      As for the table, a friend has been using that very shade of teal for some time now to decorate her counseling offices so it kind of has become embedded in my subconscious. But I think it is a color I would use sparingly. It doesn’t have quite the same uplifting effect on me as purple, yellow and orange…

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    1. This apartment is painted banana cream satin – walls & ceilings, as was my previous home. Any place I will ever live will be painted banana cream! I don’t do blue, never have – the color blue just doesn’t talk to me. I’ve only just developed a liking for green but it must be a pale green. For nigh on 50 years red was my favorite color and now I absolutely can not stand it – I find it very upsetting to have anything red around me. For years I wore only red and black – now neither have any place in my life.

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        1. My first apartment was an L-shaped studio and I painted the wall behind my bed with red enamel paint. I can’t even imagine what it took for them to cover that up when I moved out.


  2. All the colors match the cat print! I prefer color to the whites and grays that is in every home on HGTV these days. Not my thing! Thanks for the link to the essential oils! I just got a book yesterday about oils so I’m going to start putting mixtures together. I don’t have a diffuser yet and not sure if they go in that or in a roller ball thingy but I still need oils so I’ll check it out!

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    1. Sometimes I wish I had your phone number so I could give you a quick call or text. If you have a book about using essential oils then I think you will get the proper information. Some essential oils should NOT go directly on the skin, you need to use a ‘carrier’ oil or a lotion. Also on that site you will see some oils come are “USDA Certified” and are more expensive than the non- certified. I emailed them about what the difference is and they said – in reality nothing and that I should buy the less expensive non-certified. What company tells you to buy their less expensive products LOL I am well pleased with their oils, and have put in a second order.

      As much as I like grey as a neutral I would Not paint my walls that color and neither would I paint them white…the next I have this place painted I will paint the walls the same banana cream but the trim will be a silver grey…


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