Not quite the same thing exactly

Gastrointestinal problems are not funny. Especially when they are truly life-altering and even dangerous to life. Dear blogging friend Rory has been dealing with major problems in this area and when I read his post I felt bad for him – can’t even get a proper diagnosis and treatment, he has had to be his own doctor.

But then I thought of a poem I had written some time ago dealing with something similar but not the same (the least of it being Rory is not old!) – so perhaps he will see this and it will give him just a little bit of a giggle?

Getting old is not for sissies,
So they say, 
and they,
are right.

Unlike J. Alfred, peaches
are not a problem
but peppers

Green and hot,
onions raw,
salami, cheese,
all of these

Bring me to my
knees, and more,
find my husband 

At the store.
Pepto, Maalox,
liquid chalk - 

All are bought,
and chewed and drunk.
Gagging, gasping
oh the pain!

As I moan,
Never again.

Amazing how a good
nights sleep
has me now on
steady feet.

What’s for lunch?

© Grace St. Clair
(March 2010)

12 thoughts on “Not quite the same thing exactly

            1. I gotta say slowly dying from blood loss due to an GI bleed was lovely. Cozily drifting away…took 4 units of blood to bring me back and I often wished they hadn’t.

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    1. Oh no way anyone is gonna take my pizza away! I’m lactose intolerant so while I love chocolate I eat in it small amounts. Over the years I’ve developed a real antipathy towards milk chocolate, can’t abide it at all. So dark chocolate for me, which is actually better because I can eat more before my stomach starts to protest.

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    1. Certainly I’ve posted it on the Blogger blog but on any of my WP blogs, I can’t remember. But that’s of no importance – I’m glad you liked it (twice!) and I hope it made you smile 😊

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