Mucking about here
Counting down my syllables
Experiment over. 

See that there? That is a haiku. Or a variation thereof. I’ve always known a haiku is 3 lines, with 5-7-5 syllable count. Classic Chinese haiku is a bit more strict than just syllables, and modern haiku is a bit more loosey-goosey but – ” a haiku still focuses on one brief moment in time, employs provocative, colorful imagery, and provides a sudden moment of illumination.” (Source)

I think my haiku focuses on one brief moment in time. Now that phrase sent me vaguely remembering a song, but the song that came up was One Moment in Time by Whitney Houston, a terrific song no doubt but not the song I was thinking of. 

I sorta remembered the singer’s name was Natalie something, and her last name began with a B and was something like Bedlington. And she was from Canada. Ok, that’s a lot of search parameters. 

Canada+ Natalie+singer brought up a huge number of hits, none of them my singer. Of course Bedlington gave me lots of dog sites, and one or two place sites but still, not what I was looking for. 

The I remembered there was something about a book in the lyrics – that search didn’t deliver anything usable. 

Another trip to Youtube and searching for Natalie and a bulb lit up – Natasha! Her first name is Natasha! I searched for Natasha B and bingo – there’s my girl, there’s my song. Yes! 

I have recently said that I don’t do inspirational, I also don’t do sentimental or sappy EXCEPT – when I do…And when I do go all sentimental, inspiration and sappy I go all in baby. 

This song is not only great to dance to (oh hell I can dance to just about anything but still, good to dance to) but I love every word, I love every concept, if I were 60 years younger this would be my anthem, my watchword – For your listening pleasure, may I introduce you to – Natasha Bedingfield singing “Unwritten”

14 thoughts on “5-7-5

    1. And that is why I LOVE the World Wide Web. Satisfying my relentless curiosity and tracking down what has slipped my memory – easy peasy! Once the penny dropped about the correct first name, and I don’t know what prompted my finally remembering that, Bingo! Satisfaction guaranteed. How it fell out of ‘my favorites’ list, I don’t know but it’s back now.

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  1. I know exactly who you meant as soon as you said Natasha – which is rare for me, because I’m usually terrible with names. I tend to wake up a couple of days later with the name in my head for some reason – like a late postman from the back of my brain left the parcel on the doorstep overnight 🙂

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    1. For all that I have a phenomenal memory names have never been a part of that! But faces – oy, I remember faces and then being able to recall where I saw that face or who it belongs to – makes me crazy. And when you get to be as old as I am, and have lived in big cities, that’s a lot of faces! Love your description of how your memory finally kicks in – delightful bit of imagery.


  2. I knew who you meant as soon as you said Natasha too! I enjoyed hearing about your process to find her. I’ve gone through similar searches many times! I love that song so thank you for reminding me about it!

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    1. I could hear the song in my head; I could see her face there too it was just her name that eluded me! I’ve used the simplest search terms and found what I was looking for quickly and other times I’ve had to use the longest most precise search terms. Once when I was looking for a particular poem I searched poem+throw and got it in one! I’ve featured that song before, a long time ago, on the blog…so relatable for some of us, eh?


  3. Great song choice, l have literally just included this in one of the new Daily Bounces for the other blog.

    I have never gotten into the mindset for haiku … but music and Natasha Bedingfield is a different matter .. strangely l only started listening to her in 2008 and only then because l was listening to a song by her brother Daniel Bedingfield as l was going to sing his song If You Re Not the One at my wedding that year. I am glad l didn’t marry for a second time as l probably would be dead by now.

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    1. I don’t know how or why or when I tripped over “Unwritten” but I featured it on my then blog at least once. Yeah, I really relate to that sentiment. Your video didn’t play but I accessed directly via Youtube…I can see why you might want that as a wedding song but it’s a tad passive/aggressive, dontcha think LOL

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