Not only do I not like to cook but

most of the time I’m not that thrilled with eating. I don’t have an eating disorder I’m just bored. So many years eating, so many years cooking – the whole thing has gotten old. 

Occasionally I cook something I do like to eat, it’s never very complicated because if it takes more than 1/2 hour (or thereabouts) to prepare I’m not making it.  Being Italian a lot of the things I cook involve tomatoes, garlic, wine and macaroni.  Monday it included sausage. 

Easy-peasy – take the sausage out of the casing and pinch off small chunks, brown in a little olive oil, throw in a whole lot of garlic, some plain ole diced tomatoes, white wine, basil, oregano and let that simmer while the macaroni is cooking. Looks like this:


When the macaroni is done, add it to the pan of sausage and sauce, mix it up real good, dish it up, add some Romano cheese and voilà. You got yourself a big bowl of yummy in basically a 1/2 hour – 


This I happily cook and even more happily eat.

4 thoughts on “Not only do I not like to cook but

    1. I’m 74, gonna be 75 in 6 months, I’ve been cooking family meals since i was 10, I’m over it! Plus – It’s been a long time since I’ve lived somewhere where there was “my” food. I’d kill for really fresh ‘fresh’ mozzarella. Or decent fruits and vegetables or, top of the list, a really good jelly donut (let us not even speak of of Italian pastry ’cause I’ll cry.)

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