Sometimes crazy works!

One of my love/hate things about our apartment is the window situation. I love that our living room/dining room has 17.5 feet of window – Yes, that’s right, 17.5 feet of window. What I hate about it is trying to get window treatments. Most people with our same apartment layout have vertical blinds. Seriously? Vertical blinds? No. Without going into an 8 year history of me trying to find window treatments that I could live with I finally settled on lace curtains. I know, lace curtains – but I love lace curtains. So this is what 17.5 feet of lace curtains looks like – 


The other day I took the curtains down to wash them and I just wanted something new. Something fun. I need new. I need fun. And I’m crazy. So I went with hippie dippy silver glitter string curtains. (I have these in green on the hall bathroom shower stall which we don’t use).

Here for your delight is my wall of silver glitter hippy dippy string curtains…



Cool huh? Yeah…I’m loving this!

8 thoughts on “Sometimes crazy works!

    1. G mentioned that this morning – that I should go outside and see what they look like from that angle…I expect they don’t look like much…


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