I forgot, again

Today is our 31st wedding anniversary. We never celebrate and we always forget. Of course my husband can’t remember what he had for breakfast while he is still eating it but…

Not celebrating our wedding anniversary is a long standing tradition tho my husband’s daughter usually remembers – she was only 5 when we got married but it is a day before her birthday and 2 days after her brother’s birthday. I didn’t choose the date or the place; I didn’t get to choose much about my own wedding. The things I did control were my dress, my wedding ring, my bouquet and the denomination of the church we were married in. All were roundly and soundly criticized by my husband’s (much) older sister, the matriarch of the family. That’s probably why I have no fond memories of the day and probably still carry a teeny tiny whinge of resentment. Eh…

16 thoughts on “I forgot, again

    1. The hat and dress were purchased at the same store so the reds matched perfectly. My husband is 6’6″ tall and I was wearing 4″ heels also red, of course, and matched my dress and hat perfectly. The shoes were oldies I had in my collection – matching reds can be a real PITA.

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    1. Red was my favorite color from the time I could distinguish color until I was in my early 50’s – And when I mean favorite color, I do mean FAVORITE. Then almost all of a sudden I just could not abide the color, could NOT have it around me much less wear it…I had to get rid of a lot of stuff- from clothes to kitchen utensils. Now I’m all purple, yellow, orange and light green. I still don’t do brown tho…dark brown is depressing…

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      1. Well in truth the Years of zigged colour in fashion began in the 70’s, you’ll know this. You were a Milliner and whilst hats are a different item of clothing, a good hat could make an outfit perfect.

        By the later 70’s and early 80’s colours were starting to make their presence known in a different style as was the very nature of fashion… styles changed and patterns changed with it.

        I was married in 1993 and the fashion was shifting at that point to a more sombre colour schedule for men … but l have always been quirky.

        What l will do on Friday’s Universal Greeting is show you the photo of my Marriage day – l only have my photo and oddly enough my mother. I will display both.

        For most of my years in retail fashion, l was oft called a Dandy which explains my choice of colour all the time.

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        1. I am amazed (and flattered) that you would remember that I was once a hat store manager LOL It was in the early 1990’s. I can’t honestly say I never paid much attention to fashion – yes, I wore the miniest of mini’s and hot pants but – I had great legs! In the mid-1960’s someone said my style was ‘sophisticate hippie’ I can easily believe you were a dandy – you did post photos of your younger days and you were quite dishy! I am looking forward to Friday!

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          1. The previous photos were on my system, these two photos are originals but the only version l have of them is hard copy. My sister made demands back in 2018, so unsure why? but she demanded that she had all of my father’s photo albums on the premise he had gifted them to her before he died.

            Why she would want well over 100 albums is quite beyond me.

            But so much of my earlier history was lost to her, how all l have are my memories and a few hard copies.

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