Apropos of nothing at all

Back in the old days of computers (DOS notwithstanding,) and the internet, things were so much easier, they really were. Newer, bigger, shiner is not always better. Simple is better. More is NOT always better. I know, I know – old folks whine.

I’ve been working with computers for 52 years now, I’ve seen a lot, learned a lot, and then un-learned and re-learned and I’m tired. Did we have some clunkers back in the day, oh yes we did but we had some little beauties. IBM software and hardware was effin’ brilliant.

I’ve been blogging for 16+ years and I’m tired of it as well, it used to be fun, and easy. Now – not so much. I’ve been maintaining duplicate blogs on WP and Blogger and I gotta say WP has never been a walk in the park, not way back when and not now. (see, with us old folks “way back when” is just an easier time reference than trying to remember the exact year because, well, it was way back when.)

Blogger is still easier but they’ve been mucking around too. Thing is, I’ve been on Blogger for so long that there are people who still follow me after all these years and some of them are plucking at my last nerve. I want them to go away. They won’t so I did – and here I am hating the block editor, along with just about everyone else. Thankfully I don’t do anything complicated on this blog – just words, so pretty easy-peasy but still I write in Open Office and then copy and paste into WP – just easier.

Now, Open Office is genius. A very robust bit of software, and it is free (always a plus, right?). While I hate Microsoft as an OS I do like their software, it’s lovely, always has been. Apple makes lovely hardware and their OS is easier to deal with but their software is total crap. Total.Crap.Total.

Once upon a time I had Microsoft Office for MAC, yes, I had to pay for it but it was a one time deal and worth it. Now I believe, you have to pay an annual fee to use it, buy a subscription? And I just did a quick check and if you buy a PC there is no software included? Is that right? If so, wow. At least with Apple all the software is included and you can’t even get rid of some of it. Oh well…

Anyway, Apache Open Office– for PC, Mac or Linux, it so loaded with options/function that I have had to go in and shut some off because I don’t need them and quite frankly they were annoying me. What I like best with Open Office is that their software programs look just like Microsoft’s. Love Excel (and who doesn’t?) their spreadsheet program will look familiar and works the same.

Oh, if you’re looking for a nice little (free) photo editing program that you use online, you should look at LunaPic . I’ve had a boatload of fun with that over the years including creating animations…

5 thoughts on “Apropos of nothing at all

  1. I used to use Open Office back in the day when I was doing my nursing degree. At that point in time, I don’t think there were any word processors that did a good job converting files to .doc. Since that was how papers had to be formatted for school, I ended up with some wonky conversion jobs. The world has come a long way in the past 20 years…

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    1. Why were you converting documents to.doc? What kind of computer were you using? Let’s see 20 years ago I was still using a Dell with Microsoft, therefore I had Word, Excel, Powerpoint and most fun of all, Publisher. Did you have a MAC? I first used a MAC back in the mid 1980’s at a job – I thought it was the cat’s pajamas.

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      1. I don’t recall what kind of computer I was using, but Linux was my OS. Open Office was the only word processor I had, so I was converting from whatever their native file type was to .doc to hand in my school assignments.

        The first computer I had as a kid was a Mac Plus circa 1990 and I thought it was super cool.

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        1. I just looked up Mac Plus – came out in 1986 and cost $2599! Wowzer. Who had that kind of money back then – not me for sure. I didn’t get my own personal PC until 1990 and I think it was an HP, the printer was $500 (why I remember that I don’t know…) Before that for personal use I had a Brother combo word processor and printer. I also had a Sony or Panasonic , I don’t remember which, typewriter/word processor with a database function that saved data to a diskette. And yes, I go back to DOS and floppy disks that really flopped LOL

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