What’s not to like

The United States Postal Service has been less than wonderful recently thanks to the previous federal government administration and is on track to getting even worse. They do have one nifty service tho, called informed delivery They will email you images of your soon-to-be-delivered mail. How soon is another matter.

I received an email this morning with an image of what most certainly is a greeting card from our daughter (as well as several other pieces of mail, including a bill I’ve already paid.) Looking forward to picking up today’s mail!

I am notoriously known as not a morning person‘.  I do not speak in the morning. NO ONE speaks in the morning.  My husband whispers “Good morning baby” when I shuffle into the living room and then – deadly silence until I break it – which isn’t any time soon I can tell you.

There have been occasions when we have had house guests. For some reason house guests get up early. I have been known to announce, quietly but emphatically “There is no talking in the morning”. My house, my rules.

So this is for all of you like-minded people (Hey Peggy!)

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