Gotta move along here

I hate posting date specific stuff, the next day you gotta put something up just to move it all along. So…

Apple and MAC’s are starting to pluck at my nerves – nothing works with my new iPad mini – it doesn’t play well with Google or Chrome or Blogger. I think because it is considered an IOS device, rather than just a plain ole OS device. I guess I’m supposed to be using apps instead of the internet versions of things – Fuck ’em I don’t want to. I’m using my laptop more and my iPad less. Everything works on my laptop and desktop…

Also re: Apple/MAC – their software (is that what its called – things like Page or Numbers etc) is the pits. I hate the Microsoft OS but damn, their software is top notch – who doesn’t love Excel? Thankfully there is Open Office – can be a little buggy on the latest Apple OS but still works like a charm. It’s basically your Microsoft Office programs but, you know, FREE.  HA!

💥      💥     💥     💥     💥

While I was typing this I had an overwhelming desire for orange juice. We don’t have any, we never have juice in the house, juice is bad for you. What I do have is vending machines in the back entrance of my building. There is a soda machine. I went downstairs and lo and behold they had orange soda – probably not as good as juice but – ORANGE. Got me a bottle ($1.25 – highway robbery!) and gulped it down.

I think that was the first soda I have had in 2 or 3 years? More? I don’t normally drink soda, diet or otherwise, I don’t like the carbonation. Fizz is not my thing. But boy-oh-boy that soda was good.

Now – what was I talking about? Just bitchin’ I think. Well, anyway, let’s all just Rock On…

This guy is kinda cute, in a fey sort of way…I always liked the song but for the love of me can never remember who recorded it and this is the first time I’ve ever seen what the guy looked like…

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