My heart is breaking twice over

Once for myself and once for my husband. It has only been 2 days since Frankie left us. I cleared up her litter box, put her pet steps and her little step stool away, tossed out her dishes. Her cat perches are still under all the windows, her starchaser toy still sits in the living room.

Every day after lunch my husband would pick up his book and his cane and announce “Nap time!” and he would walk to the bedroom and Frankie would follow him. She would lie on his chest while he read and then, when he rolled over to sleep she would curl up on his ankles and rest there.

Yesterday, and today again, after lunch and the ‘nap time’ announcement my husband cried. As he turned to walk to the bedroom he said “I want her back. I miss her” After he leaves the room I start to cry, for him and for me missing Frankie.

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    1. It’s only been a week and a half and we still find ourselves getting a little weepy at odd times. For small creatures they take up so much room in our hearts and lives

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